Students Forced to Eat Moldy Michelle Obama Lunch or Starve

Mattie Genaux has a 4 year old son attending Wayne County Head Start School in Jessup, Georgia. He’s a healthy boy who is not gaining any weight and comes home from school every day starving.

Looking into the matter, she discovered that her son is not eating the food being served at the school because he said it was bad. She visited the school and managed to take photos of moldy French fries, old coleslaw and other food that was better suited for the garbage than being served to kids.

Like any good parent, Genaux decided to pack her son a healthy lunch that he would eat, but the school banned her from doing so. She turned to the media where she told them:

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“He comes home and he’s constantly hungry. Granted, boys are typically always hungry, but he is starving. And his weight, he’s not gaining anything. He is actually not gaining anything at all, and I’m worried.”

Referring to the school’s director, Genaux continued:

“I asked her, ‘Hey, can I bring him lunch? Can I bring him his snacks?’ And it is actually against their school policy. Their policy is that no food is allowed to be brought from outside the facility, even though all the food is, because nothing is cooked on site.”

Did you notice that nothing is cooked on site? Where does the food come from and how long does it sit before being served to the kids?

The school is following Michelle Obama’s socialist school lunch dictates and in so doing, children are being served spoiled and unhealthy food. Even though the school’s food is not prepared at the school, the school bans parents from sending lunches because it wasn’t prepared at the school.

The school has placed their policy ahead of the health and welfare of the kids. Sadly this is not the only school in the country doing the same thing. Schools in Chicago and Richmond, Virginia have done the same thing.

What many of these parents may not realize is that this all part of the socialist plan to take control of your kids. They want to determine what is best for your child instead of letting you the parent make that determination.

It’s the same socialist school agenda that is providing girls as young as 12 with contraceptives and information on abortion without parental knowledge or consent, but they won’t let parents send things like Advil to school for their kids.

I know of public schools that won’t allow the kids to take textbooks home for their homework and when parents go to the school and ask to see the textbooks, they are denied. The same school district held boy-girl dances for 5th graders and no parents were allowed to attend or chaperone.

A century ago, socialist educators said that having your kids in their care for 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 12 years would allow them to mould them into the type of adults they want. In other words, the public school system is nothing more than a socialist brainwashing program to produce generations of anti-American, anti-Christian socialists.

If you don’t believe me, ask yourself why so many schools are teaching drastically altered American history that has removed most of the facts of early America? Why are they teaching kids about globalism and that America is the world’s enemy, capitalism and free enterprise are evil and we should share the wealth? All of these are socialist ideologies. And yes, Michelle Obama lunches are just another part of the propaganda.

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