Study Shows Pre-Obamacare Policies were Higher Quality

How many times have you heard Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi tell us that under Obamacare we now have better coverage than we had before the Affordable Care Act went into effect? They tell us that healthcare is cheaper and our coverage more extensive. If you believe them then I have property in Washington DC to sell you really cheap.

The National Center for Public Policy Research set out to find out if we have better coverage under Obamacare as Obama and Pelosi claim. According to the report:

“The study compared the cost-sharing — i.e., the deductibles and the out-of-pocket maximums — of plans on the individual market in 2013 and on the ObamaCare exchanges in ten major metropolitan areas for a 27-year-old single person and a 57-year-old couple. It also examined the provider networks, comparing the number of health maintenance organization (HMO) plans to preferred provider organizations (PPO) plans in the individual markets and ObamaCare exchanges.”

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If Obama and Pelosi are correct, then such a comparison should clearly indicate such. So what did their study find?

“It found:

  • There was an average of 33 plans in each area for a 27-year-old on the individual market that had lower premiums and lower or equal deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums than the cheapest plans on the ObamaCare exchanges. Milwaukee, Wisconsin had the most such plans with an average of 68.

  • For a 57-year-old couple there was an average of 10 policies in each area that had lower premiums and lower or equal cost-sharing in the 2013 individual market than the cheapest plans on the ObamaCare exchanges. Louisville, Kentucky had the most with an average of 26.

  • The ObamaCare exchanges had many more of the restrictive HMO networks in their plans relative to the individual market, an average of 16 more HMO plans for both 27-year-olds and 57-year-olds.

  • The less restrictive PPOs were more common in the individual markets, with an average of 32 more plans with PPOs for 27-year-olds and 25 more for 57-year-olds.”

Dr. David Hogberg, a healthcare analyst for the National Center is the author of the study. He stated:

“When millions of people were losing their health insurance plans in late 2013, ObamaCare supporters claimed those plans were of poor quality, calling them substandard and even ‘crappy’, but they never provided any evidence to support those claims. Quite to the contrary, this study shows that in important ways, the plans on the individual market in 2013 were of better quality than those on the ObamaCare exchanges.”

“Overall, the ObamaCare exchanges have resulted in a decline in health-plan quality. Almost no one would consider it an improvement in quality to pay a higher premium and get less out-of-pocket coverage as was the case with policies on the exchange, and few would consider more restrictive networks to be better quality.”

“We can expect quality to continue to decline as long as ObamaCare is in place.”

In other words, Obama and Pelosi have been lying to the American people when they continually tell us that Obamacare is a success and provides better coverage at lower costs. This study and others like it have proven their claims to be false. It should be no surprise since they are both experienced liars and can do so with batting an eye or having a guilty conscious.

So if Obamacare is such a failure, then why are they still pushing it down our throats and not trying to fix it? It’s because it has nothing to do with healthcare at all. Think about it. They knew before it was ever put into effect that it would cost more for less coverage. But it’s part of a plan to legally force Americans to submit to more government control over their private lives. Either you submit or pay the penalty, and yes, it’s a penalty, not a tax regardless of what the Supreme Court says. Once we get used to complying to the dictates of Obamacare, they can enact their next socialist plan on us until they have us completely under their control.

Obamacare is all about socialism, not healthcare.

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