Summer Camps Unlike Any You’ve Ever Known

There are many different kinds of summer camps for kids.  From scouting, to community, to church to various types of skills and hobbies, hundreds of thousands of kids head off to summer camp every year.

My summer camp experience was always with the boy scouts.  Not only did I go to camp as a scout, but one summer I spent an extra week working in the medical lodge.  I learned a lot about first aide, bandaging wounds, wrapping sprained ankles, treating poison ivy, helping the doctor to stitch up cuts and give tetanus shots.  The next week I was just a normal scout and accidentally cut myself while sharpening an axe.   When I got to the medical lodge, the doctor was busy with another scout, so I cleaned out my own wound, put in three stitches and gave myself a tetanus shot.

In the Gaza, hundreds of thousands of kids will be attending a different kind of summer camp.  Their camps aren’t run by the scouts, churches, 4H, bands or any of the normal groups you would think of.  These summer camps are run by terrorists groups and the training is terrorist based.

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This year’s Gaza summer camps will be run by Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees.  The kids will receive semi-military training that includes the use of live ammunition and instructions on how to kidnap your enemy.  The primary goal of the camps is to prepare the kids for war with Israel.

Ismail Haniyeh, a Hamas leader in the Gaza said that they expect 100,000 kids to attend this year’s camps.  Activities at the camps help teach the kids the values held by Hamas to help strengthen their moral core, but perhaps more importantly, it will help spread the spirit of Jihad.

The United Nations refugee agency says they will be offering summer camps to those families who are not as militant as many of the Palestinians living in the Gaza.  They anticipate up to 150,000 kids will attend their summer camps.  However, in years past, the terrorist groups hosting their own camps have been accused of vandalizing the UN camps.

Even if the UN succeeds in their efforts to provide non-political summer camps, the fact is that 100,000 kids are going to be receiving terrorist training at the militant summer camps.  Each summer, they’re training thousands of kids to grow up to be jihadist terrorists and even the United Nations knows it.

Now realize that President Obama does not consider Hamas to be a terrorist organization.

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