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Obama Steals Away $244 Million in Tax Dollars from Bankrupt Illinois for His ‘Private’ Museum

Comedian Tim Allen Sides With Trump, Urges Country to Just Let Trump Do His Job

Even Jimmy Carter Warning Democrats to Reel Back from Extreme Left

History Expert Slams School Textbooks that ‘Have Liberal Inaccuracies on Every Other Page’

Louisiana Mayor Bans Nike for City Athletics Programs

Navy SEAL Destroys Obama: ‘Try Saying Radical Islam’ Won’t You?

NFL Ratings Plummet Again for Thursday’s Season Opener

Poll Reports Nike Kaepernick Ad Is Shoe-icide

Missouri College Dumps Nike from Sports Programs Saying Nike is ‘Ashamed of America’

‘Frozen’ Stage Actor in New York Rips Trump Flag from Audience Member’s Hands

New Jersey Sen. Booker Claims U.S. Law is Bad Because Founders Were ‘Racists’ and ‘Misogynists’

Levi’s Jeans Dumps on Constitution, Now Joining Forces with Anti-Gun Fanatics

Illegals Quitting Welfare Programs for Fear of Trump Crackdown

Black Pastor Slammed for Saying Black Culture is Broken at Aretha Franklin Funeral

Oregon Woman Wins Lawsuit After Walmart Refused to Sell Her a Rifle Because She Wasn’t 21

Trump Cancels Pay Raises for 2 Million Government Workers — Who is Opposing it Will Infuriate You

The One Person Who Could Stop Impeachment of Pres. Trump

Liberal Maryland Zoning Board Official Abuses Position to Scare Residents to Take Down Trump Flags

Youtube Buries Ann Coulter Video to Prevent Users from Finding It

Bankrupt Chicago Doubles Down on Stupid, Borrowing $10 Billion to Make Up for $28 Billion Pension Hole

Democrat Attorney General Sends Letter Attempting to Silence Churches Ahead of Midterm Elections

Traitors: Now Senate Republicans Introducing Bills to Protect Obamacare

Five States Win Massive $839 Million Judgment Against Disastrous Obamacare

Facebook Automatically Removing Pro-America Posts Telling Users they are Spam