Support Israel Against the Warmongers

Iran is on the way to produce its own nuclear weapon. Or at least, this is what the government in Tehran says. Whether it is true or not, doesn’t matter for the moment. We’ll assume that our intelligence has it wrong, and Iran has no problems with their enrichment plants, and they will have the weapon very soon.

Who will be the first target for the Iranian regime?

Israel, of course. It is common wisdom today that as soon as Iran has the nuclear weapon, they will use it against their enemies. That’s what all these uncivilized nations do: bomb the enemy as soon as they acquire a nuclear weapon.

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Israel and the Israelis must be quite afraid. It’s a serious threat. They know Iran is an irrational state with an irrational government. We all know they will drop the bomb as soon as they make it.

May be that’s why published an article this morning, “Iran Is Too Rational to Attack Israel.”

When the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a decorated soldier himself, a veteran from the Arab wars, said earlier this year before the Congress of the United States that “We don’t need American troops to defend us, we can defend ourselves,” that sent shivers down the spines of those of our political establishment that have built their political careers on the war propaganda of how we should “stand by Israel.” When Israeli’s Prime Minister says they don’t need our help, this sorta makes the propaganda obsolete, doesn’t it? The establishment found a way to explain Netanyahu’s words away: He was diplomatic, you know, but he didn’t mean it. He actually meant exactly the opposite: That they needed American troops to defend them.

It is difficult now to explain away the opinion of the experts at the oldest and most popular newspaper in Israel. It can’t be explained with “diplomacy.” What do they have to be diplomatic about? Haaretz diplomatic? Anyone familiar with the press in Israel will laugh at the statement. One can’t accuse them in anti-semitism either, or that Haaretz is an enemy of Israel. So what should we make out of such opinion?

Apparently, our allies whom our politicians want so desperately to protect against all threats, are tired of us protecting them. Israel and the Israelis, with their amazingly effective and superior intelligence, know well that the Iranian threat is unreal. They know what our military intelligence knows too: that the Iranian regime is far from the aggressive all-powerful world-dominating monster; it is rather driven by fear for its very survival, and its barking is a barking of a toothless dog. What is worse, we have been “protecting” Israel in the same way Homeland Security is “protecting” us: taking away their freedom and liberty to do as they please and protect themselves as they know best. Israel is not afraid of Iran. Our politicians’ war-mongering has no basis whatsoever.

And Haaretz is diplomatic, after all. In a very diplomatic way, and in our own English language, they are trying to tell us: “Why don’t you guys find someone else to protect? We don’t feel threatened, and we can deal with the threats we have ourselves, thank you very much.”

Too bad, I can see the war party in Washington DC say. How can we justify the indefinite detention of American citizens by the military on American soil now, if Israel doesn’t need our protection?

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