Support the Pentagon Against the Warmongers

Are you a good conservative, patriotic American? Do you have a bumper-sticker that says “Support the troops”? If you do, good.

How about supporting the Pentagon in its true assessment of the military threats against the United States of America? After all, these are the specialists that we pay to gather information, assess it, and build the strategy for our defense. When we say “national security,” we first mean not the fat bloated idiots of TSA – they can’t overcome their own sexual lusts, let alone any security threat – but we mean the generals, the staffs, and the men in uniform who fight and risk their lives for us.

Well, then, let’s support the Pentagon.

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A recently unclassified Pentagon report on the military power of Iran and its military doctrine and strategic goals reveals that the Iranian regime is far from the all-powerful, technological, expansionist monster our Democratic and Republican politicians have been telling us it was. In fact, according to intelligence reports,

Iran’s first priority has consistently remained the survival of the regime. . . . To ensure regime survival, Iran’s security’s strategy is based first on deterring an attack.

Our political establishment is eager to present a picture of an Iran determined to establish a world dominion. Our military intelligence experts present a completely different picture: a desperate regime, poor on resources and technology, hanging on its warlike rhetoric for dear life. Further on the report says that Iran still doesn’t have a nuclear weapon, and that it has problems with its facilities that enrich uranium. The same thing I said in an earlier article. Far from trying to start a world war, Iranian regime is actually frantically trying to ensure its survival. So say our military intelligence experts.

Which only confirms the earlier claims by CIA experts about the ability of the Muslim world to inflict harm. It is very limited, despite their rhetoric. Islam is a ferociously barking, toothless dog.

And this brings us to the question: Why don’t our politicians listen to the experts? After all, if a politician is supposed to make the right decisions, isn’t he supposed to ask the experts as to what the reality is? And even more important, why aren’t conservative politicians listening to the CIA and the Pentagon? Why are they presenting a picture of reality that has nothing to do with the data supplied by the experts?

There is only one answer to it: Foreign policy is domestic policy with other means. The Communist governments used that tactics with amazing results: People “rallied around the flag” and any dissent and opposition to the Communist governments was duly suppressed. The same policy of “rallying around the flag” to silence the opposition is happening here in America now. What happened this last week, with our own Congress declaring American citizens to be its enemies in the War on Terror, should have convinced even those that were unconvinced. Rejecting the opinions of the experts in favor of a political agenda is a sign that the politicians have betrayed reality, and have betrayed their own people.

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