Supreme Court Abandons Romeike Family to Holder’s Deportation

Several weeks ago I shared that we were all waiting to hear if the US Supreme Court would hear the appeal filed on behalf of the Romeike family by the Home School Legal Defense Association.

The family fled their German homeland, seeking asylum in the US.  Their only crime in Germany was that they wanted to homeschool their children and Hitler’s law forbidding homeschooling is still being strictly enforced in Germany today.  The Romeike family applied for and was granted asylum in the US.  They purchased a 4 acre farm in rural Tennessee where they could continue to homeschool their kids.

But the Obama administration’s war on Christians, homeschooling and parental authority would not allow them to leave the German family alone.  Shortly after being granted asylum in the US by an immigration court judge, US Attorney General Eric Holder filed a suit to overturn the asylum status claiming that the family would not suffer any persecution by the German government if they were returned.  Sadly, the court agreed with Holder and the family’s lost their asylum status.

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The Home School Legal Defense Association took the Romeike appeal, arguing that if they return and continue to homeschool their children that the German government would remove the children from the home and make them wards of the state and force them into government schools.  They even used the Wunderlich family as an example of a family who lost custody of their children to the German government because they also wanted to homeschool them.

On Monday, Michael Farris, Chairman of HSLDA posted the following announcement:

“Dear Members and Friends of Homeschooling,

“Today, the United States Supreme Court declined to review Uwe and Hannelore Romeike’s asylum case. We knew it was an uphill battle since the Court only accepts 80–100 out of nearly 10,000 requests each year. While we are disappointed, the court’s decision in no way changes our commitment to fight for the Romeikes and homeschooling freedom. The court’s decision is not a decision on the merits of the case—however, it was the last judicial hope for the family.

“But we will not give up and see this family returned to Germany where they will face certain persecution. Even now, we have been working with supportive members of Congress to introduce legislation that could help the Romeikes and others who flee persecution. We will keep you informed as the legislation progresses. We will undoubtedly need your help at the right time. Although our judicial efforts on behalf of this courageous family are over for now, we are resolved to fight on for them and homeschooling freedom.

“We are deeply grateful for the support and prayers of our members, friends, and allies over the course of this case and especially this past week. Please continue to pray as we review all possible options for the Romeikes.”

Ask yourself why Holder and the Obama administration will allow 11 million people to remain in the country illegally?  Many of these illegals steal jobs from American citizens, they deplete local, state and federal resources.  Many will obtain state driver’s licenses and then illegally register to vote illegally.

But they won’t allow one family to stay in the US when they came here legally and all they want to do is homeschool their kids.  The reason is that the family is Christian and homeschoolers who believe in traditional family values and the Obama administration is hell bent on destroying all three!

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