Supreme Court Most Activist In History Says Justice Ginsberg

Finally, a member of the US Supreme Court admits what many of us have been saying for years, that the court is ruling more on activist agendas than on the Constitution and law.  They have been very busy re-writing law and re-interpreting the Constitution and Bill of Rights to make them say what they want them to say and not what they do say.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is and always has been a liberal activist who has used her position in law to push her agendas.  In her early career, she served on the board of directors of the ACLU and as one of their general counsels.  President Jimmy Carter first appointed her to the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in 1980.  Her judicial career was furthered by the next liberal Democrat to disgrace the Oval Office, President Bill Clinton, who appointed her to the US Supreme Court in 1993.

In a rare interview, Ginsburg described the current Supreme Court as being:

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“…one of the most activist courts in history.”

She also said:

“If it’s measured in terms of readiness to overturn legislation, this is one of the most activist courts in history.”

At age 80, she has survived two bouts of cancer, but says her health is good and that she plans on staying on the court for as long as her health and mental capacities allow her to do.  She is the most senior member of the liberal wing of the court and enjoys that role.  Her retirement from the bench, according to her, will have nothing to do with what president will be naming her replacement.  If she were to retire now, it’s certain that Obama will put another flaming liberal in her seat just like the last two he appointed.

Whether you like or dislike Ginsberg, you have to at least give her credit for admitting that the current court is an activist one and that they are pushing liberal agendas as much as they can.  However, as long as Obama sits in the White House and the Democrats control the Senate, there is little that can be done to make any changes to the court.  We are stuck with an activist court, turning over legally produced legislation in order to promote their liberal agenda, much of which goes against the Constitution, Bill of Rights and what our Founding Fathers intended for our nation.

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