Supreme Court Allows Mexican Flag to Triumph over American Flag at US School

I grew up and spent most of my life in Arizona which has its fair share of Mexicans, legal and illegal. I’ve witnessed firsthand how some of them have tried to intimidate American citizens and I’ve seen where they have taken over entire neighborhoods, driving out families that have lived there for years.

With all I’ve seen, I never thought I would see the day when the Mexican flag and Mexican Independence Day – Cinco de Mayo – would triumph over the American flag and American Independence Day. But thanks to liberal schools, judges and the US Supreme Court, that’s exactly what has happened.

The issue came to a head about five years ago on May 5, Cinco de Mayo, when some students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, California wore t-shirts depicting the American flag. These students were physically threatened and accosted by Mexican students at the school who shoved Mexican flags into the chest of one student while others shouted:

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“F— them white boys, f— them white boys” and “they are racist. They are being racist. F— them white boys. Let’s f— them up.”

School administrators blamed the American boys wearing American flag t-shirts and told them to go home and change their shirts or turn them inside out. The parents of the boys filed a lawsuit against the school, claiming the school had violated the constitutional rights of freedom of speech by banning the American flag t-shirt and allowing the wearing of Mexican flag shirts by students at the same school.

This ended up before Judge James Ware of the San Francisco Division of the Northern District of California District Court. Ware has a history of making rulings based upon his liberal agenda instead of the rule of law and he did so in this case and ruled in favor of the school. The parents have appealed his ruling all the way to the steps of the US Supreme Court.

On Monday, the US Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal, thus allowing the original court ruling to stand. In essence, the courts have declared that it’s perfectly legal for Mexicans to assault and racially threaten Americans without any consequences. It also allows schools to unfairly ban the American flag while allowing the flying and displaying of a foreign flag on US soil to take place.

When I was in school, everyone was taught US flag etiquette which states that NO other flag will fly higher than the American flag nor will any foreign flag ever be allowed to take precedence over the displaying of the American flag. To do otherwise was considered to be tantamount to treason and worthy of criminal punishment.

However, American schools no longer teach patriotism; rather they teach students that America is the enemy to the rest of the world. Globalism trumps American patriotism. It’s a sad and tragic non-ruling by the Supreme Court that paves the way for the Mexicanization of much of our nation. Between Obama and his socialists and Muslims and the influx of millions of illegals, conservative Christian Americans are fast becoming a persecuted minority and it’s all because we took God out of our government and schools.

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