Supreme Court to Decide Friday if they will Hear Case of German Homeschool Family

The Romeike family urgently needs your prayers! 

Adolf Hitler made a law forbidding parents from homeschooling their kids.  That law has never been repealed and the German government has been enforcing it with a vengeance.  In some cases, they have removed the children from their homes, made them wards of the government and sent them to state run public schools.  The Wunderlich family had their four kids savagely removed by police because the parents wanted their kids to be homeschooled with a Christian based education.

The Romeike family fled Germany because of the harsh anti-homeschooling laws and were granted asylum in the US by an immigration judge.  The judge agreed that if the family returned to Germany that the children would surely be taken from their parents who face arrest for wanting a Christian education for their kids.

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However, our family and Christian friendly President and Attorney General have been fighting to deport the family back to Germany.  Eric Holder says the family is not facing persecution and has used the courts to rescind their asylum status.

On October 10, 2013, the Home School Legal Defense Association filed an appeal with the US Supreme, asking them to hear the case.  In November their appeal was up for consideration with the high court, but they delayed hearing the case because they asked Eric Holder to respond to the appeal in writing.  The HSLDA believes that the request of the court for a written response from Holder was a good sign that at least one of the justices is interested in the case.  It takes 5 members of the court to agree to hear a case, and they are praying that is the case.

This Friday, February 21, the Supreme Court is scheduled to review the case.  The HSLDA is asking everyone for prayer that the high court will uphold the history of America as being a place of refuge for those persecuted for their faith.  They believe that they have a strong and solid case and a persuasive argument.

Please join me in praying that the Supreme Court will decide to hear the Romeike appeal and rule to uphold the original asylum status and be allowed to remain here in the US.  All this family wants is to be able to give their kids a solid Christian based education.  You also need to ask yourself why Holder and Obama are fighting so hard to deport this Christian family?

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