Supreme Court Forces Homosexual Marriage on U.S.

Sometimes all you’ve got to do is say no.

By saying no to petitions in five cases, the Supreme Court may have all but sealed the deal for homosexual marriage in the United States.

Because the refusal to hear the cases allows lower court rulings to stand, the justices have increased the number of states where homosexuals are allowed to marry to 24, effective immediately. Experts seem to be conceding that the fallout from the Supremes’ refusal will soon raise that number to 30, leaving only 20 states where sanity fights on.

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Each brush of the Supreme Court with the issue of homosexual marriage seems to drive that particular nail farther into the coffin of the United States’ Judeo-Christian culture.

As many critics have noted for years, a primary focus of the homosexual marriage movement is not the non-existent thousands of homosexual couples waiting to wed, but bringing about a legal climate in which traditional Christianity can be silenced, removed from public view and eventually maybe even outlawed.

I think it’s no coincidence that those are the same goals as atheist groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation and socialist groups like teachers unions across the country.

Homosexual marriage is not a right that the population at large has been screaming for. States where it is allowed, after an initial rush upon legalization, have not seen huge swarms of homosexuals seeking to make their relationships permanent, probably because that’s never been a prominent trait of the homosexual community.

But it does make an excellent tool for undermining public morals, cheapening human relationships and discouraging normal, healthy relationships — all things you would want if you are planning on overthrowing an entire culture.

Without getting into speculation about conspiracies or particular groups, it’s obvious to any thinking person that American culture has been under attack since at least the 1950s, in our schools, in our government, in our entertainments, in our language — virtually every aspect that made America what it was.

Part of this ongoing attack is an open assault on the First Amendment protection of religion. The legal system has perverted the original intent, meant to protect the free exercise of religion, and used the concept of a “wall of separation” (not in the Constitution) to slowly but surely erase biblical religion from the public eye and mind.

Undermining marriage is just one strategy in the larger war to eliminate the Judeo-Christian culture that produced the United States. The goal, which homosexual marriage activists, socialists and atheist groups all share, is the establishment of a dominant, legally empowered secular culture

What we’re seeing is the slow but inexorably rise of what we may call an “atheocracy,” that is to say, a state religion that acknowledges no God but the government itself.

That should sound familiar to you because it’s been tried before, and it’s both a precursor and a necessary condition for the next step, the rise of the socialist tyranny.

It’s almost a chicken and egg question whether the atheocracy will arrive in full before the socialist takeover is officially announced, or whether it will be formally installed after the revolution. But that such a revolution is being prepared is a certainty.

At the moment, there doesn’t appear to be anyone with the ability or will to stop it.

Actions by our so-called leaders, like those of the Supreme Court on Monday, virtually guarantee that our final exit from the world stage will not be with a bang, but a whimper.

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