Supreme Court Hears Case to Determine How Much Indecency Your Kids Will See on TV

Today, the US Supreme Court will be hearing arguments concerning broadcast decency.  Current rules do not allow the transmission of indecent programs prior to 10:00pm.

But if you have seen any of a number of current prime time programs, it seems the term indecency is relative to the broadcaster and not the audience.  There are very few sitcoms that I would consider watching because of the indecent content.  They either promote open sexual promiscuity or open homosexuality.  It’s nothing to see male or female actors wearing suggestive and indecent clothing and the language on many of these programs is offensive and crude.

A couple of months ago, my wife I decided to watch Shrek on the Cartoon Network.  Neither of us had seen it and many of our friends had suggested we see it at least once.  Since it was on what we thought was a network designed for kids we thought it was safe to watch.  Not long into the movie, we sat appalled at a very improper commercial.  I forget the product they were advertising but do remember that the commercial centered on how cold a swimming pool was and the effect it had on the man’s privates.  The commercial showed the man and his female companion looking down his swim trunks in the pool with others around.

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And this qualifies as decent broadcasting on a kid’s station at prime time?

Do I even need to mention broadcasts like the Victoria’s Secret specials that waste an hour of prime time television parading women around in their underwear?  They call it underwear because it supposed to be worn UNDER something else and not before the whole world.  Programs like this are aired at times when children of all ages can watch and view the carnal spectacle.

I know that in parts of Europe and other areas of the world partial or total nudity are allowed on evening television, but that does not make it right and the US does not have to conform to the perversity of those other nations, even though Obama and Clinton are trying their best to do so.

Mind you, the airwaves are bad enough now, but if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the broadcasters who want to reduce and even eliminate the current decency rules, it won’t take them long to start airing pornography at earlier times.  You also won’t have to subscribe to some of those cable packages that give you access to stations that show nudity and other indecent programs since all you will have to do is turn on any of the major networks.

This is just another step to the moral decay of a once great nation.  If we turn to history and study all other great nations and empires who succumbed to the same immorality that has become so prevalent in American society, we will see that every one of them collapsed and lost their greatness not long after embracing a debauched lifestyle.  America has to be getting very close to the edge of a similar collapse.  If the decency standards are weakened further, I fear the edge we are standing upon will crumble away a little more, placing us that much closer to going over it.

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