Supreme Court Issues Injunction to Stop Contraception Mandate

There have been dozens of lawsuits from Christian colleges, hospitals and businesses seeking to stop from being forced to comply with the Obamacare contraception mandate.  Some of them won injunctions and others lost.  But the one case that may haunt Obama for decades involves the nuns of the Little Sisters of the Poor, a group that operates 30 nursing homes and employs hundreds of employees.

Just prior to the implementation of the contraception mandate on Jan. 1, Little Sisters appealed to the Supreme Court to keep from having to violate their faith by providing free birth control and abortifacients.  The Obama administration argued that they didn’t have to pay for the coverage that the insurance company would cover the cost.  Little Sisters argued that it didn’t matter who paid for the contraction and abortion inducing drugs that they were still providing the coverage just by having the policy.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor issued a temporary injunction to prevent the implementation of the contraception mandate on the nuns and other religious groups.  In her ruling, she stated that employers who object to the contraception mandate for religious reasons should not be forced to comply and violate their faith, at least at this time.  She indicated that the Supreme Court will be taking this issue up sometime this year to finally resolve the conflicts, but until then, she does not believe that religious employers should be forced to comply or pay the huge fines.

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On Friday afternoon, an official injunction against the enforcement of the contraception mandate upon private businesses was issued by the Supreme Court.  The order was not signed and does not necessarily indicate how the court will rule on the issue when they take it up later this year, but it has to be a major blow to President Obama and his loyal minions.

I’m sure this is the last thing that Obama expected the high court to do and probably feels like he was just sucker punched by the court.  He had placed two liberals on the Supreme Court and must feel betrayed by them, especially since Sotomayor who referred her request for the injunction to the full court after issuing her temporary one on behalf of the Little Sisters of the Poor nuns.  It reminds me of a little shepherd boy named David who used his sling and a single stone to take down a giant of a warrior by the name of Goliath.

Now we all need to pray in earnest that the Supreme Court, including Chief Justice John Roberts, will see the merits of the Little Sister’s case and strike down the contraception mandate.  If women want birth control and pills to force an abortion, then let them pay for it themselves!

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