Supreme Dictator Barack Obama Bypasses Congress AGAIN To Change Law

Our Founding Fathers purposely established a three branch government so that no one person or group of people would end up with absolute power.  To pass a new law, it would take both the House of Representatives and the Senate to pass the same bill and then it has to be signed into law by the President.  It’s a system of checks and balances.

However, Barack Obama has repeatedly taken it upon himself to declare law, eliminate law and change law without going through Congress as required by the U.S. Constitution.  He took it upon himself to instruct the Department of Justice to stop enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act and what immigration laws he wanted ignored and which ones to obey, among others.

Now, Obama has once again bypassed Congress and decided to change the federal welfare laws in an obvious attempt to buy votes among America’s poor.  In a move that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich refers to as illegal, Obama has taken action to completely gut the work requirement from the Welfare Reform Act that was passed in 1996 and signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

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In the video below, Gingrich explains that when the Welfare Reform Act was passed in 1996, then Senator Obama voted against it as he did not like the work requirement measures contained in the bill.  However, the bill was written in such a way so that no one person – the President, department secretary or anyone, could abolish the work requirements without it being approved by Congress.

So once again Barack Obama is acting more like a royal monarch or socialist dictator as he illegally assumes authority that he does not have.  And once again it seems no one in the Senate, House or Supreme Court is doing anything to stop him.  The more he gets away with doing this, the more he’ll continue to do it until he does have complete dictatorial control of the country.

In lieu of Obama’s actions, Gingrich has suggested that Mitt Romney point to Obama as the food stamp president while he will be the paycheck president by helping the economy and putting Americans back to work.  If Obama isn’t defeated in November, I would not be surprised to see him do exactly that.  He’s already been using his executive orders to give himself dictatorial powers in the event of an emergency.  That’s why it’s imperative that we get him out of the White House and out of the United States as soon as possible.

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