Survey Says: Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim

Shortly before yesterday’s primaries in Alabama and Mississippi, a survey was taken among Republican voters.  They were asked if they believed Barack Hussein Obama was a Christian, a Muslim or didn’t know.

In Alabama, 14% said they believe Obama is a Christian, 45% said he is a Muslim and 41% said they were unsure.

In Mississippi, only 12% said Obama is a Christian while 52% said he is a Muslim and 36% were unsure.

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Not long ago, Franklin Graham, son of famed evangelist Billy Graham, said that Obama professes to be a Christian so he’d just have to assume that he is.  The manner in which Graham made his comments led many to believe that Graham doubted the sincerity of Obama’s Christian faith.

Likewise, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said the president’s theology is not based upon the Bible in many areas of politics.  This also caused a firestorm in the media and political circles but I openly applaud Santorum for being the only candidate to have the courage to speak the truth about Obama.

Catherine Poe of the Washington Times responded to the survey results and wrote,

“No matter what your own political persuasion, such downright ignorance is frightening. But it gets worse when they basically insist that President Obama is a Muslim no matter what he says.”

My response to Poe is that the president has lied to the American people numerous times so why should we believe him on this issue.  Remember the old saying, if it looks like skunk, walks like a skunk and smells like skunk, then it’s most likely a skunk.  Well, Obama doesn’t act, speak or govern like a Christian, but he does act, speak and govern like a Muslim, therefore, he most likely is a Muslim, regardless of what he says.

The White House defends the president’s Christian faith by pointing out that he is a member of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.  Sorry folks, but that is a really poor defense when you realize that the pastor emeritus of the church is Jeremiah Wright.  Wright is a self-professed Marxist who has preached many a sermon on the works of Karl Marx and not on the works of Jesus Christ.  His theology is as liberal as they come and in many of his writings that I’ve read, I would seriously doubt if I would venture to say any of it is biblical or Christian.

So all we have to prove that Barack Hussein Obama is a Christian is his lying tongue and the membership in church that preaches more Marx than Christ.  When you match that up to what Obama has said and done as president, I don’t see how anyone can draw any other conclusion than to say that he is for all intent and purpose, a Muslim.

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