Survey Says Republicans Better Informed Than Democrats

Several weeks ago I wrote about why more women vote for liberal Democrats.  In that blog I stated that more women vote based not on knowledge or understanding of current issues but more upon their emotions and feelings.  On the other hand, more men tend to vote conservative and Republican because they are better informed about current affairs and think more logically.

A new Pew Research Center survey reveals that Republicans are generally better informed on current issues.  Respondents to the survey questions were asked which political party favored specific issues such as reducing the size of the federal government and which party is the more conservative.  On those two issues, 30% more Republicans correctly identified the GOP.  Twenty-one percent more Republicans knew that the GOP favors drilling for oil in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

When it came to identifying the political party affiliation of politicians past and present, again Republicans generally outscored Democrats.  For instance, 16% more Republicans identified Nancy Pelosi as being a Democrat, 15% more knew that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a Democrat.

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The one result in political party affiliation that I found interesting was that of House Speaker John Boehner where 5% more Democrats identified him as a Republican.  To me, this indicated that Boehner has become so liberal and tight with the Democrats that Republicans failed to identify him as one of their own.

There were a few questions where Democrats scored higher than Republicans but the differences were minimal (usually less than 5%).

When Independents were compared to Republicans and Democrats, it was found that they were less informed on current issues and political affiliation than both Republicans and Democrats.

The bottom line shows that Republicans are better informed and up to date on current affairs than both Democrats and Independents.  Add this to the results I showed in the earlier posting on women voters and you will see that this fits perfectly with what I was saying about more men vote conservative Republican because they stay better informed than woman who are not as well informed and vote liberal Democratic.

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