Survivor Homosexual Spews Hate Language and No One Cares

I’ll admit that I’m a fan of Survivor.  I watch to see the character of the contestants and how few actually maintain their moral standards.

Colton is a flaming homosexual on the current season and his extreme prejudices towards others that are different than he is erupted in this week’s episode.  He sits around the camp and does nothing but boss everyone around.  For some strange reason I don’t understand, he has taken control of the majority of the guys in the men’s tribe.

Bill is a struggling black comedian who Colton hates.  Why does he hate him?  According to Colton, Bill needs to get a real job and quit living off the handouts from others.  Colton also feels that Bill is obnoxious and loud.  Bill rightfully tried to talk to Colton to find out what he has against him.  Colton responded in an extremely condescending manner and said that he didn’t want to talk to Bill because he didn’t like him.  He made no bones about his personal policy of never talking to people he doesn’t like.  Colton’s actions were those of an arrogant rich snob that evidently has had little contact with the real world.

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When challenged about it being a racial issue, Colton said that there are blacks in his life.  When asked who, he said his housekeeper.  Turns out that Colton is from a rich family and has never had to work.  It was obvious that he thinks of blacks as a lower class of people who are there to serve others, but never to be placed on an equal status.

Then you have Leif, a man who suffers from dwarfism.  During this week’s episode, Leif betrayed a confidence and Colton went ballistic on him.  Colton referred to Leif in a number of very hateful and hurtful derogatory names.  They were directed at his dwarfism.

There has been a lot of news about Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a slut and prostitute.  The hate language Colton used when he spoke about Bill and Leif made Limbaugh’s comments tame in comparison.  But no one seems to care.  Where is the media and their accusations of racism and prejudice of short people?

Had the roles been reversed with Bill and or Leif using derogatory slurs to describe Colton’s homosexuality, I’m sure the media and gay community would be screaming for their heads.  But alas, since it was a gay man slandering others, it’s apparently okay.

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