Syria: How is Aiding Our Enemies Preserving Our National Security?

Once again America is taking the role of being the world’s police supposedly to protect our national security, but is that the real reason?

The civil unrest in Syria has been going on for some time.  Rebels have been trying to topple the regime of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad.  The State Department lists Assad’s government as a terrorist organization, which incidentally employs President Barack Obama’s brother Malik Obama.

Amid rumors that Assad would use chemical weapons against the rebels and his own people, President Obama told the world that if he did, the US would aid the rebel cause to oust him.  Confirmations of the use of chemical weapons have been made and now the US is preparing to send military weapons and aid to the Syrian rebels.

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But are the rebels fighting to oust Assad any better than he is?  Exactly who are the Syrian rebels?

According to one report, there are a number of different groups fighting against the Syrian government:

  • Free Syrian Army: Non-sectarian group of fighters.
  • Syrian Liberation Front: An Islamic group of fighters.
  • Syrian Islamic Front: An Islamic group of fighters.
  • Followers of Jabhat al-Nursa: An al-Qaeda group from Iraq.

Even though the Free Syrian Army claims to be non-sectarian, it is largely comprised of Muslims and will likely establish an Islamic regime if they win freedom.  Most of them defected from the Syrian Army; however, a growing number of them are now defecting again to join those following Nursa and their sworn allegiance to al-Qaeda in Iraq.

So who exactly is the US giving aid to and how does that protect our national security?

Are we only going to aid the Free Syrian Army since they claim to be non-sectarian, even though they are predominately Islamic?  Are we going to aid the other groups who will definitely establish another Islamic government that hates the US?  Are we going to aid those loyal to al-Qaeda, our sworn enemies?

So please tell me how replacing one Islamic government in Syria with another helps protect our national security?  The US will spend billions of dollars to aid Islamic rebels who like their Egyptian counterparts, consider the US to be their enemies.  President Obama has already committed treason by aiding and abetting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who have openly stated that the US is their enemy and they must fight us.  Is he about to commit another act of treason by aiding and abetting more of our enemies?

The Muslim world is much like the American Indians before the Europeans landed on the continent.  There were many different tribes and many of them constantly warred with other tribes.  The same holds true in the Middle East.  There are many different tribes or ethnic groups and a number of them have been fighting each other for over a thousand years and will most likely continue to fight each other until one wipes the other out or the world ends.  What makes our leaders believe that they can do anything to change that and bring out about peace in the region?

The US is still in the heart of a financial crisis.  Our national debt is skyrocketing every day.  We have millions of Americans that have no jobs and have lost their homes.  The number of Americans living at or below the poverty line is also increasing on a daily basis.  Untold numbers of American children go to bed hungry every night and we are about to spend who knows how many billions of dollars aiding our enemies supposedly in the name of our national security.

When will our leaders realize that we can’t continue to be the world’s police, especially when we can’t even take care of ourselves?  If Obama truly wanted to help our national security, he would concentrate his efforts here not abroad.  He would work with Congress to help the economy and create jobs and secure our borders.  Remember the old adage ‘charity begins at home’?  That needs to become our nation’s mantra.

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