Syrian Refugees: Compassion vs. Public Safety

The issue of bringing thousands of Syrian refugees to America heated up after at least one of the terrorists that waged war on Paris was a member of ISIS who hid among Syrian refugees. Over half of the governors in the US told the Obama administration that they are refusing to accept any Syrian refugees in their states because the administration cannot fully guarantee they are not terrorists or even radical Muslims.

That issue arose this past week between Indiana Governor Mike Pence and Catholic Archbishop Joseph Tobin. The Catholic Church was set to sponsor a Syrian refugee family and help them settle in Indiana. However, Pence asked Tobin not to bring the refugees to his state. Tobin sited compassion while Pence sited public safety.

Micah Clark, Executive Director of the American Family Association of Indiana, commented on the conflict between Pence and Tobin, stating:

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“The Catholic Church isn’t responsible for the safety of Indiana the way the governor is – so I guess they can allow themselves to put compassion above public safety, but the governor’s not in that position. He has to be concerned about the safety of six million Hoosiers, not the compassion for three or four refugees from another country.”

“I don’t lock the doors of my house every night because I hate those on the outside of it; I lock the doors of my house because I love the people inside my house – and that’s really what this is about. It’s about protecting the state of Indiana from potential threats from outside.”

That’s the difference between governors like Mike Pence and Barack Obama. Obama knows his house is well protected but he obviously doesn’t care about threats to your home. He’s wants to allow potential terrorists to move in next door to you. He also allows them to easily illegally cross into our country over an unprotected Mexican border.

Obama is more concerned about showing compassion to his fellow Muslims than he is about protecting American citizens. Many of Obama’s policies seem to favor refugees and illegals than they favor American citizens. It’s just one of his many efforts to destroy America from within.

Pence and Tobin met to discuss their differences and in the end, Tobin decided to ignore the Governor’s strong request and settled the Syrian refugee family of 4 in Indianapolis. Tobin believes that compassion supersedes the public safety of Indiana residents.

Tobin stated:

“I listened to the governor’s concerns regarding security and prayerfully considered his request that we defer from welcoming them until Congress had approved new legislation regarding immigrants and refugees. I informed the Governor prior to the family’s arrival that I had asked the staff of Catholic Charities to receive this husband, wife and their two small children as planned.”

I’m a Christian and I do have compassion for others, but at the same time, I am very concerned about public safety, especially when it comes to members of a religion that are taught from a very young age to either convert or kill non-Muslims.

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