Syrian War On Terror Cover For Socialism At Home

According to the Obama Administration, they say they have evidence that Syria’s Bashar Assad’s forces are using chemical weapons against the rebels. Thus, giving the US the green light to arm and possibly help the rebels militarily.

This is just another excuse by the Obama Administration to help organized Terrorist groups acquire yet another country in this area of the world.

What the American people are conveniently not told by the White House is that it was discovered by top United Nations Rights Investigator Carla del Ponte over a month ago, that it was the Syrian Rebels, not Bashar Assad’s forces who were using chemical weapons.

If it is true that Assad’s forces started using chemical weapons, it is only in response to the Rebels who were using them first.

So, what we have here is the US government once again, just as in the case of the Arab Spring Uprisings, supporting organized Terrorist groups to take over countries that oppose Radical Islam. From Egypt to Libya and now Syria, the US has supported the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and Hamas just to name a few Terrorist groups, gain control of governments that were staunchly opposed to Radical Islam.

Recently, a video of Syrian Rebel Leader Abu Sakkar surfaced showing him eating the heart of a dead Syrian government soldier. (Warning . . . graphic image):

This kind of radical insanity is what our government expects us to support with billions of our tax dollars by arming and financing them.

I say, the Red Line has been crossed but not by Bashar al Assad. What line has been crossed should be the refusal by US citizens to allow any kind of help at all to the Syrian Rebels or any other rebel group associated with Terrorist groups.

Since we have been supporting the very factions overseas that our government is telling us they need to protect us from at home, it doesn’t make sense that we are subjected to what amounts to Socialistic laws here in the US in the guise of protection.

The Obama Administration is even considering bringing Syrian refugees to the US which means that our government will be importing Terrorists to American soil since a good number of them will be members of radical Islamist groups.

In light of our government’s actions in supporting Terrorist groups overseas, the time has come for American citizens to demand that all Socialistic legislation enacted since 9-11 such as the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, and countless Executive Orders, essentially giving the President supreme powers of a Dictator and other anti Constitutional laws, be rescinded.

It hasn’t been the goal of the US government to spy on international Terrorist groups in the first place. What has been the main objective of the government is spying and keeping track of American citizens. This is apparent in the fact that most Islamic-based groups and organizations on US soil haven’t been scrutinized by the NSA’s phone motorization, only US citizens.

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