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Two Presidents, Two Different Reactions To Hamas Violence

Obama Was Furious with Trump’s Election, Felt It Was a Personal Insult from Racist Country

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Federal Judge Ruled Obama’s EPA Knew Officials ‘Were Not Warning Flint Residents’ About Lead Levels

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Obama’s DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Says ‘We Truly Are In A Crisis At The Border’

Same Left-Media Burying Trump Admin. in FOIA Requests Ignored Obama Years

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From the first Bush Presidency, 9-11, Barack Obama, to Gender Confusion, Decades of Destruction of America from Within

18 Illegals Died in ICE Custody During Obama’s Reign, Media Did Not Care

Under Obama Border Patrol Agents Spent ‘Their Own Money’ To Buy ‘Basic Necessities’ For Migrant Kids

When Obama Was Accused Of Pre-Election Hush Money Payoff Media Was Silent

Trump’s Approval Rating the Same as Obama’s At Same Time in Presidency

Obama OK’d $310 Million In Free Legal Advice To Immigrants… Against Federal Law