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California Liberals to Destroy State’s Ecology and Wildlife

California Enacts Law Making Schools and Students Helpless Victims of Would be Mass Shooters

California Adds to List of Failing Public School Systems

Gun Confiscations Set to Start on New Year’s Day

How Much Do Illegals Cost California Taxpayers Each Year?

California Law Mandates Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers Promote Abortion

California Passes Law to Automatically Register Illegals to Vote

Water Company Makes Lake Disappear Overnight, Blames Drought

California to Register Illegals to Vote

Obama: It’s GOP’s Fault 5-Time Deported Alien Killed Woman in San Francisco

California Strips Away Religious Rights and Parental Authority

California Senators Jump On Suicide Train

Forced Gay Cake Baking Now Forced Abortion Counseling

California Wants to Stomp on Families’ Medical Rights

California Water being Used to Save Nine Fish 

Democrats’ 10-Bill Package to Turn California Over to Illegals

California Water Crisis is a Man-Made Disaster

Sex Education Working: California Sees 70% Increase in Teacher Sex Crimes

AIDS Activist Wants to be State Porn Czar

California Democrats Outsource Unemployment Check Processing to India Nationals While Residents Need Jobs