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Chicago Police Corruption Follows Obama’s Lawless Examples

Chicago’s Strict Gun Control Laws Didn’t Prevent Most Mass Shootings in Nation

NYC Public Schools Inflating Grades to Hide Their Failure

This is why the Second Amendment Was Added to the Bill of Rights

Obama Wants America to be Like Chicago – More Shootings and Deaths

NRA Calls Out President Obama in Powerful New Video

Obama Says He Doesn’t Want Your Guns, Just Criminals’ Guns

Oregon Shootings Prove Gun Free Zones are Most Dangerous and Obama a Liar

If Obama is Right on Gun Control Then Explain Gun Violence in Chicago & Baltimore

Chicago’s Strict Gun Laws Leave 50+ Shot for Second Weekend in a Row

Black Gang Attacks White Woman, Children

Immigrants Being Used to Build Democrat-Majority Cities

Pandora’s Reparations Box Has Been Opened 

Gun Stops Knife Attack, Bystanders Angry with Gunman

Democrat Controlled Chicago Schools in Trouble

Imam at Chicago Islamic School Accused of Sexual Assault against Female Employees and Students

Diverse and Inclusive Chicago Schools Excludes Whites from Black Only Event

50 Shades of Grey Spurs Real Sexual Assault

Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood Forming Political Party in US Thanks to Obama

Outgoing Illinois Democratic Governor Leaves Political Booby Traps for New GOP Governor

New Chicago Minimum Wage Law Will Add More People to the Unemployment Lines

Chicago Detective: “Apple Will Become the Phone of Choice for the Pedophile”

No Political Gain in the Shooting of Antonio Smith