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Don’t Trust Republicans When they Say They’re Going to Cut Spending

Emails Prove Obama Administration Refused to Help Benghazi Victims

US Constitution Says Majority of Washington Politicians Guilty of Treason

Democrats Dominate List of Most Ineffective Members of Congress

Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Ask Supreme Court to Stop Obama’s Usurpation of Congress

Obama to Use Executive Order to Destroy Second Amendment Rights

100,000 New Yorkers Lose Healthcare & Taxpayers on Hook for Nearly $2.5 Billion

Proud to be a Member of the ‘False Prophet’ Brigade

Speaker John Boehner Set to Retire from Congress in October

Dismemberment Abortion Humane – Abortion Attorney Tells Congress

GOP Impotence, White House Unconstitutionality & Judicial Overreach – America is Broken

190 Retired Generals & Admirals Urge Congress to Reject Iran Nuke Deal

State Department Guidelines Muzzle Employee Testimony before Congress

Congress Calls Out Planned Parenthood

DHS Asking for $443 Million More After Wasting $360 Million on Failed Border Drones

Justice Department Illegally Restricts Investigations by Inspector Generals

House Republicans Sue Obama over Un-approved Obamacare Spending

Democrats Help Block Obama’s Rush for Power

Ryan Channels Pelosi: You’ll See Obamatrade After We Vote On It

Obama Enacting More Gun Regulations Without Congress

Hillary Says She’s For Illegal Immigration but Video Says She’s Against!

Hillary Dupes 76% of Iowa Democrats