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An Open Letter to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to Save the Country

Florida County to Prosecute Homeschool Families for Failure to Enroll Kids in Public School

Florida Community College Drops Pledge of Allegiance for ‘Structured Dissent of Authority’

Boy Plays Alone in Backyard for Hour and a Half, Parents Charged With Felony Neglect

Fourth Grader Eloquently Destroys Purpose of Florida’s Standardized Testing

‘God Bless America’ Student Vindicated

City Council Prayer by Atheist Mocks God and Makes Morality Impossible

Thousands of Florida Condo Owners Being Stripped of Their Homes

Florida Man Example of Immigration Inefficiency to the Extreme

FL Senate Dems Vote against Bill to Protect Women from Sharia Law

Restaurants Charging Customers Obamacare Surcharge

Heart Be Still! Sebelius Almost Admits We’ll Pay More Through Obamacare

‘It’s Legal To Hunt Down And Kill American Children In Florida’ College Official Tells Students

Taxpayers to Pay For Congress’s Obamacare Coverage Along With Their Own Coverage

Hey Oprah, Have You Seen the Beat Down of a White Kid?

Shakedown Artist Jesse Jackson Says Boycott Florida — I Say ‘Buycott’

Cowardly Prosecutor: Lose At Trial But Declare Zimmerman A Murderer Anyway

George Zimmerman Should Sue, Sue, Sue

Florida Schools Illegally Take Iris Scans of Students Without Parental Knowledge

Florida Governor Poised To Sign Major Anti-Gun Bill

Planned Parenthood Lets the Bloody Truth Out of the Bag

Florida Lawmaker Audrey Gibson Wants Everyone Buying Ammo to Undergo Anger Management Course First

Rick Scott Shows The Special Character Of Politicians