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Hillary’s Gun Control Issue is a Loser

Politicians Can’t Create Jobs So Stop Telling Us You Can

WV AG to Challenge Obama’s Illegal Plan to Put Thousands Out of Work

San Francisco Proves Raising Minimum Wage is a Lose, Lose, Lose Situation

Obama Doesn’t Ship Jobs Overseas, He Brings Foreigners Here to Take Our Jobs

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Saudi Arabia is Advertising for Eight New Executioners

Enroll America Slashes Jobs Due to Reduced Funding

Senators Demand Investigation of Layoffs Tied to H-1B Jobs Given to Foreigners

Illegals Stealing Better Jobs than You’re Told

Obama to Spend $100 Million to Train Foreigners to Take Jobs Away from Americans

California Democrats Outsource Unemployment Check Processing to India Nationals While Residents Need Jobs

Obama Vetoes Thousands of Jobs and America’s Energy Independence

Democrats Block DHS Funding Bill then Blame GOP for Possible Shutdown

ISIS is an Evolved Form of Islam. And Evolution is Good, Right?

Obama Driving Citizens Out of Country While Welcoming Illegals

Keystone XL Pipeline Blocked Because Warren Buffett Says So

Union Could be Grinch That Steals Christmas

Hillary Backs Off ‘Corporations Don’t Make Jobs’ Comment — But Not Really

Obamacare 1 Year Report Card Scores a Big ‘F’

Union Votes to Eliminate Some of Their Jobs

Obama to Bypass Congress & Kill Thousands of Jobs & Increase Energy Costs

Unemployment Down Because 47% Quit Looking for Jobs