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Obama’s Friends Kick US Special Operations Troops out of Libya

U.S. Admiral Says Gadhafi Was Willing to Abdicate, but Obama Chose to Arm Al-Qaida

Libyan Islamists Take Over U.S. Embassy Buildings, Swim in Pool

MAD Magazine Goes Political in Bergdahl Prisoner Swap.

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Government Whitewashes Benghazi

Head of Agency That Edited Rice Comments has History of Errors

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Is Obama Guilty of War Crimes and Treason by Gifting Libya to Al Qaeda?

Benghazi Personnel Knew They Were Being Watched, Cables Show

Deal Put al-Qaida in Charge of Tripoli Security; Libyan Diplomat Blames U.S., NATO for Power Vacuum

Senators to Obama: ‘You Have Not Been Forthcoming’

Obama Watched Attack on Benghazi and Did Nothing to Help Them

The “War on Terror” Should Not Use Terrorists

Clinton Takes Responsibility for Benghazi While Obama Just Nods

Mother of Slain State Dept. Employee Rips Obama Over Handling of Son’s Death

State Department Creates Time Paradox, Says It Never Blamed Video in Libya Attacks

Congress Pushes for Answers in Libya Terrorist Attacks

General Says Government Infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood

Senate Refuses to Cut Foreign Aid to Egypt, Libya and Pakistan

Obama: The Muslim Court Jester