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Nation’s Top Racist Gets 71% Pay Raise Thanks to Obama, de Blasio, AT&T, Walmart, Verizon & McDonalds

Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Ask Supreme Court to Stop Obama’s Usurpation of Congress

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Injunction against Obama’s Delayed Deportation Executive Memo

Iran Making Fools of Obama and Kerry over Nuke Deal

Obama Says He Doesn’t Want Your Guns, Just Criminals’ Guns

Obama Encourages War Against Police

Obama’s Veto Logic Defies Common Sense

Obama’s Deporting Fewer Potential Illegal Voters

Obama to Veto Exporting of Oil, Demands ‘Low-Carbon Economy’

Oregon Shootings Prove Gun Free Zones are Most Dangerous and Obama a Liar

Obama Declares End of 1st Amendment Right to Free Exercise of Religion

Boehner Resigns: Will New Speaker Have Guts to Stand Up to Obama?