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Chicago Police Corruption Follows Obama’s Lawless Examples

An Ignorant Hollywood Liberal Who Made His Fortune From White People Seeing His Films

Chicago Mayor Blames Police for Increase in Crimes

Child Arrested for Building a Clock to Impress Teacher

Police Lives DON’T Matter to Racial Activists

Police Cashing In On Victims of Insurance Scams

Crime Soars, Arrests Plummet in Baltimore

6 Officers Charged in Freddie Gray Death

Obama’s Black Militant Marching Buddies Advocate Shooting Police

Race-Baiting Black Leaders React to Mayor’s Letter of Support for Police

Anti-Police Protest Leader Changes Tune after Experiencing Police Use of Force Training

NY Mayor de Blasio Makes Anti-Police Judicial Appointment

Obama Hates the Police But Seems to Love a Police State Like Cuba

Armed Family Spot Burglars, Hold Them at Gunpoint Till Police Arrive

Picture of the Families of 105 Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty Rioting for Justcice

It’s Time for Congressmen and the President to Wear Cameras and Microphones

Homeschool Parents Tasered, Pepper Sprayed, Kids Seized Due to Messy House

Buffalo Police to Confiscate Guns from Families of Dead Relativese

Outsiders, Agents Stirring the Pot in Ferguson?

Home Intruders Call Police for being Shot at by Home Owner

Police Invading Your Privacy & Violating Your 4th Amendment Rights