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Background Checks Could Not Have Prevented Black Muslim Terrorist Attempted Assassination of White Cop

Paris Concert Hall Like Aurora Theater – Gun Free Zone

Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood Forming Political Party in US Thanks to Obama

Obama’s Swapped Terrorist Back to Terrorist Activity

Obama Commits Treason Again by Funding Iran’s Terrorist Activities

Obama Offers Condolences to Family of Slain Terrorist

Turkey, a US Ally is Providing Aid to ISIS

Is Obama Covering Up Bergdahl Desertion Like He Covered Up Ft. Hood Terrorist Shooting?

ISIS Muslim Radicals Infiltrating US Via Mexican Border

Did Obama Swap for Bergdahl because He became Warrior of Islam?

Most Americans Want to Keep Terrorist Prisoners at Guantanamo

US Born Al Qaeda Terrorist Wants Bounties On US Ambassadors In Arab Countries

Illegal To Pat Down Terrorist Same Way TSA Pats Down Airline Passengers

TSA Treats Wounded Veteran of the Year Like Terrorist

Obama Continues Treasonous Support of Egyptian Terrorists

Second Grade Pop Tart Terrorist’s Record is Permanent

Help Sen Rand Paul Challenge the Legality of Government Spying on Civilians

Ft. Hood Terrorist Still Drawing Full Pay 3 ½ Years Later Thanks to Obama

Peace Loving Columnist Says Kill Gun Owners if Necessary and Drag Legislators Behind Pickup Trucks

More White House Cover-Up Lies On Benghazi?

White House & State Dept. Knew It Was Terrorist Attack Within 2 Hours

Moderator of Debate Backs Up Obama’s Lie On Benghazi Attack

Murdering 1,000 Christians Is Not Terrorism Says U.S.

If Braves and Redskins Are Offensive, Try Martyr Dalal Mughrabi Group