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Obama Releasing Hundreds of Terrorists from Gitmo to Rejoin War on America

Hungary & Head of German Police Union Smarter Than Obama

Obama Grants Amnesty to Possible Al Qaeda Terrorists from Yemen

Kerry to Open Doors to ISIS Terrorists

ISIS Using Syrian Refugees to Gain Access to Other Countries

US Can’t Solve ISIS Problem, Arab Nations Have To Do It Themselves Says Army Chief of Staff

Should America Take In Thousands of Refugees Fleeing ISIS?

White House Says Taliban NOT Terrorists

State Department Meets With Islamic Terrorist Group Who Are NOT Terrorists

Voters Believe Released Gitmo Terrorists will Attack US Again

Saudi Arabia Building 600 Mile Fence to Keep ISIS Out While Obama Keeps Our Border Open to Terrorists

Obama Vows to Work with Islamic Terrorists Despite FBI Evidence

Terrorists Using Birds as Suicide Bombers

ISIS Terrorists Captured Entering US across Mexican Border

Senate Doubles Down on Arming Terrorists

Christians Need to be Beheaded with Blunt Knife Says British Mom

Arab Bank Funnels Millions of Dollars to Hamas and Families of Suicide Bombers

Afghan Government Betrays American Troops

Morsi Supporters Attack 63 Christian Churches, Target Christian Businesses

President Obama’s Brother Works With And For Islamic Terrorists

DHS Allowing Easy Access to US for Possible Saudi Terrorists

Does NATO Want Syria To Be Another Somalia?

Arm Teachers Instead of Disarming Americans