Taking Photos Up a Woman’s Dress Legal per MA Supreme Court

Based on a recent Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling, I would advise every woman in Massachusetts to stop wearing dresses or skirts on any form of public transit.  Why?  Because you have no right to privacy and anyone is now allowed to take photos of videos up your skirt if they can.

In August 2010, Michael Robertson of Andover revealed his sexual perversion by using his cell phone to take ‘upskirt’ photos and video of two female passengers on the subway.  Transit police arrested Robertson for his illicit actions under Massachusetts ‘Peeping Tom’ laws.

However, his defense attorney argued before the courts that the ‘Peeping Tom’ law only applies to nude or partially nude people and that a woman wearing a skirt or dress is technically not either.  The law he was charged under is Section 105 (b) of Massachusetts General Law which states:

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“Whoever willfully photographs, videotapes or electronically surveils another person who is nude or partially nude, with the intent to secretly conduct or hide such activity, when the other person in such place and circumstance would have a reasonable expectation of privacy in not being so photographed, videotaped or electronically surveilled, and without that person’s knowledge and consent, shall be punished by imprisonment in the house of correction for not more than 21/2 years or by a fine of not more than $5,000, or by both such fine and imprisonment.”

In a move that demonstrates the current liberalness of our culture, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts agreed with Robertson’s attorney.  The court stated that a woman on any public transportation, including the subway, who is wearing any kind of skirt, dress or similar type clothing is not considered to be partially nude, no matter what they are or are not wearing underneath.  Secondly, since there are surveillance cameras on the subway, that women should not expect any kind of privacy, therefore, people like Robertson are free to take all of the upskirt photos and video they want.

The charges against Robertson were dismissed and he was allowed to go on his merry way to stalk more unsuspecting women.  The prosecutors said that they plan to go to the state legislature to see if they can get them to revise the ‘Peeping Tom’ laws to eliminate this loophole that allows such upskirt photos and videos to be legally taken.

Until that time, I would recommend that all women in the state of Massachusetts wear pants or slacks whenever possible, especially when riding on any form of public transit like the subways, busses and trains.  If they do have to wear a dress, I would make sure it is long enough to cover past the knees to prevent perverts like Robertson from taking photos or videos of her panties.

It’s truly a sad commentary on our culture when the courts rule against common decency and privacy, in favor of sexual perverts.   Even America’s top cop, US Attorney General Eric Holder was named to top of the list of public officials who support and defend pornography.  America’s culture is sliding down hill into the muddy quagmire of filth, indecency, pornography, homosexuality and open sexual conduct. There is only one way to escape that quagmire and that is by turning our nation over to God, begging His forgiveness and following His statutes.  Until that happens, we will continue to sink deeper and deeper into the muddy abyss until we are totally consumed and destroyed by it.  God help us!

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