Tax Dollars for Slutty Teachers

“Our public school is different.” Most probably that’s what the parents of students who go to Lincoln High School in Stockton, California thought about their school. Of course it is different. Stockton CA is not one of those low-end neighborhoods with minorities and troubled families. Why should it have any problems with its public schools?

Except that Heidi Kaeslin is a special education teacher at Lincoln High. And Heidi Kaeslin has another career as well: she runs several porn sites from her work lap-top, bought with tax dollars. One of the web sites’ name is According to a local male student, the ad on the web-site said:

“Have you ever seen your teacher’s breasts before? Well now you can see them.”

Yummy, isn’t it. Little Johnny may not be able to read when he graduates from high school but he will certainly have a good visual knowledge of female anatomy. Thank a teacher. May be not only visual but first hand experience also. You never know.

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Of course, Kaeslin targeted the boys. A teacher at McLoud Elementary in McLoud OK had a game for the girls. Third and fourth grade. Early education never hurts. To make sure they did understand the lessons, the victims were pulled into the Superintendent’s office and questioned without any parent present or even notified. Parents never go well together with sex ed; they disrupt the education process. Better keep them away. What happens at the public school, stays at the public school.

The public school system, designed by liberals, run by liberals, and used by liberals for their agenda, is finally achieving its perfect state: no education, lots of promiscuity. It doesn’t produce literacy, nor intellectual skills. But it certainly produces oversexed boys and girls who by the age of 18 already have a couple of abortions. It gives jobs to slutty teachers at taxpayers’ expense. And it destroys families.

It’s about time for America to open its eyes and clearly see the true nature of the public schools. And shut them down. We can’t afford government education; for one, there is no education in the government schools; and two, the moral and the social ills created by the public schools far outweigh even the best illusory hopes of any positive fruit coming from them. America needs to return education where it belongs: to the families and the free market. Before it’s too late.

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