Taxpayers Fund Over $500,000 For Stop Smoking Study Of LGBT Population

Remember just a few short months ago when the sequestration took place?  Democrats said the world would end because of the required massive budget cuts that were imposed by President Barack Obama (sequestration was his idea and he signed it into law).  Thousands of federal works were being forced to take unpaid days off (furloughs) and the military lost a ton of benefits and training.

Yet government spending continues to run unchecked and wasteful.  It didn’t stop Obama’s young teenage daughters from spending spring break in Mexico and then skiing in Colorado or Joe Biden from spending $585,000 for a one night stay in Paris.  Then there was the TSA from spending $50 million on new uniforms.  Let’s not forget the $384,949 the feds spent to study duck penises or the $876,752 spent to study snail sex.

Now we can add another example of wasteful spending by an out of control government, especially one that has an overt homosexual agenda.

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The University of Illinois, Chicago, received a $536,526 grant from the National Institutes of Health to stop the cessation of smoking among the LGBT community.  The grant funding began on Sept. 30, 2010 and will end on July 31, 2013.  According to the grant:

“The purpose of this study is to develop and evaluate the benefits of culturally targeted smoking cessation intervention for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender smokers.  Findings will contribute to the scientific literature on reducing smoking-related health disparities among underserved populations.”

An NIH statement released to the press stated:

“NIH research addresses the full spectrum of human health across all populations of Americans. Research into unhealthy human behaviors that are estimated to be the proximal cause of more than half of the disease burden in the U.S. will continue to be an important area of research supported by NIH.”

“Only by developing effective prevention and treatment strategies for health-injuring behaviors such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, drug abuse, inactivity and poor diet, can we reduce the disease burden in the U.S. and thus, enhance health and lengthen life, which is the mission of the NIH.”

Our government cannot afford to pay its debts or properly supply our military with the equipment to keep them safe in battle.  We have government employees losing pay while the president’s daughters have a luxurious spring break on taxpayer dollars.  Our border security is being compromised due to budget cuts while Biden blows over half a million dollars for night in Paris.  We have Americans out of work and losing their homes while the government spends money on snail sex and duck penises.  Thousands of American children go to bed hungry every night while our government sends billions of dollars to feed the poor in other countries, many of which hate us and want to destroy us.

And then our leaders’ wonder why our economy is in the state it’s in!

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