Taxpayers Paying For Illegal Immigrants in Connecticut

Generally when you think of illegal immigrants you tend to think of the southern states from Florida across to California.  One of the last states you may think of as having a problem with illegal immigrants is Connecticut, but guess again.

In 2007, federal immigration agents raided a location in New Haven, Connecticut and arrested eleven men on the charges of being in the United States illegally.  The men filed suit against the federal government and claimed that their rights were violated.

Nearly five years later, the federal government has announced that they have reached a settlement with the eleven illegals.  In the announcement, the feds have agreed to pay the men $350,000 and to stop all deportation proceedings against them.

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In other words, the men have been financially rewarded by the federal government for rightfully arresting them, and they will be allowed to remain in the United States.  While not specified in the settlement notice, you can be assured that if the men are being allowed to remain in the country that they will be given work permits and allowed to compete against American citizens for jobs in a job starved market.

If you notice, the men were arrested while George W Bush was President of the United States and that the men are being freed, paid with taxpayer money and allowed to remain in the country while Barack Hussein Obama is president.  I truly believe that this demonstrates the contrast between the two presidencies and says a lot about the deterioration of America under our first foreign born president.

Federation for American Immigration Reform media director Ira Mehlman says that in deals such as this that Americans are the real losers,

“They are costing the taxpayers $350,000. In addition, the illegal aliens will almost certainly get work authorization, so they can go out and compete with Americans for scarce jobs.  Unfortunately, this administration seems more concerned with the rights and the interests of illegal aliens than they are with protecting the rights and interests of the American people.

“If you’re a mayor, or governor, or some other local government official that thwarts federal immigration laws, the Obama administration is not going to touch you. But if you dare to try to enforce laws that are already passed by Congress, then they’re going to come after you with the full force of the federal government.”

And in case you don’t believe his last statement is serious, just take a look at the legal assault the Obama administration has unleashed on Arizona.  They have gone after Gov Jan Brewer for trying to enforce the immigration laws the feds refuse to enforce.  The feds have also unleashed an all-out war against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for trying to enforce immigration laws, clean up the illegal drug trafficking through his county and for challenging Obama’s eligibility to run for and hold the office of President of the United States.

And as a side note, the Department of Justice has filed charges against Sheriff Joe for illegal racial profiling of Hispanics and it has recently been learned that the Mexican drug cartels have placed a $1 million bounty on Sheriff Joe’s head.  But the feds have made it illegal for Arpaio to target Mexicans in his investigations so I guess he’ll have to target some other group in his investigation into the Mexican death threats and bounty placed upon him.

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