Taxpayers Paying Salary of Convicted al-Qaeda Spy Now Working for IRS

How would you feel if you knew that a convicted al-Qaeda spy had access to all of your personal financial information?  And how would you feel if you found out that you were helping to pay that person’s lucrative salary that allows him the access to your personal financial information?

Meet Mohammad Weiss Rasool, a Muslim who immigrated to the US in the early 2000s from Afghanistan.  Rasool got a job with the Fairfax County Police Department as a law enforcement officer.  Evidently he was a good cop because by 2008 he had been promoted to a sergeant on the police force.

Then Rasool used his position to search a national criminal database that contained the names of terrorist suspects.  He found the name of a friend of his that attended the same mosque as he did and confirmed that the FBI was trailing his friend.  The friend was Abdullah Alnoshan who was a close associate of the well-known al-Qaeda cleric and terrorist Anwar Awlaki.

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When the FBI made their move to arrest Rasool’s friend, they found him and his family destroying evidence and they were dressed and ready to flee.  In 2008, the Justice Department filed a complaint against Rasool when it was discovered that he was the one who leaked the information back to his terrorist friend.  At first Rasool denied the charges but when presented with a tape of his message to Alnoshan, Rasool pleaded guilty to illegally searching a federal database.

After serving his sentence for his felony conviction, Rasool, somehow managed to obtain a job with the IRS using only his middle and last names – Weiss Rasool.  He works for the Deputy IRS Chief Financial Officer as a financial management analyst where he has access to all of our IRS records and information.

Knowing that Rasool was guilty of illegally accessing and using a federal database to aid a terrorist friend, what makes them think he won’t use his position and access to further aid other Muslims or terrorist friends?  I like the way former Rep. Allen West summarized it when he wrote:

“So now, a Muslim man convicted of abusing sensitive government data has access to the sensitive financial data of millions of Americans at an agency known for abusing such information. Sounds like a perfect fit actually.”

“There is a den of venomous Islamic snakes occupying northern Virginia and at some point it will have to be rooted out. However, to have this individual now working in the IRS with such sensitive access is disturbing. Mr. Rasool, who is still at the IRS and goes by the name ‘Weiss Russell,’ is a felon who should have been deported after completing his sentence.”

“I can already hear the responses from our progressive socialist friends. These are the same folks who went apoplectic about Halliburton and ties to Vice President Dick Cheney. So is infiltration of our government agencies by Islamists the goal of that bumper sticker, ‘coexist?’”

I agree with West in that Rasool should have been deported back to Afghanistan for aiding and abetting a known terrorist of the United States.  In fact, isn’t that the definition of treason?  But since we have a person guilty of multiple counts of treason occupying the White House, why should we be surprised to find another one working for the scandalous IRS?

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