Tea Party “Balanced Budget in Four Years”

While most American’s believe that the nation has slid too far down the road to economic ruin, hope still exists in the minds of some.  Not only do they believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel is much shorter than most would realize.

The Tea Party Debt Commission has drafted a plan to balance the US budget by 2015.  They are hoping to be able to influence the Supercommittee this next Tuesday when they present their plan to Congress with the help of Republican Senator Mike Lee from Utah.

The Tea Party Commission’s Plan is a project of FreedomWorks.  Their plan is similar to that of a surgeon trying to save a morbidly obese person by first performing radical surgery to remove large sections of fat and then perform a gastric bypass to force the patient’s body to drastically lose weight and slim down to a healthy and manageable lifestyle.

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Their fat removal starts with the elimination of the Departments of Energy, Education, Commerce and Housing and Urban Development.  The next excisions would be the repeal of Obamacare, the elimination of farm subsidies, green technology initiatives, student loans, foreign aid and the dethroning of all of Obama’s czar positions.

A result of their plan with the radical government surgery is that there will be no increases in Social Security payroll taxes nor any cuts in Social Security benefits.  The plan will allow workers under the age of thirty to deposit money into a personal retirement account, and the retirement age would remain the same as it is currently.  It will also allow senior citizens on Medicare to opt into the same health care program that members of Congress use.

According to the document, “Imagine a plan that slows the numbers on the National Debt Clock to a crawl, and then brings them to a halt, and then shifts them into reverse.”

However, like many morbidly obese people, they say they want help to reverse their life threatening condition, but often refuse to take the sweeping measures necessary to do anything about it.  We will have to see just how many politicians are willing to save the patient and how many will continue to gorge themselves until the body (nation) dies.

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