TEA Party Challenging Rep. Boehner (R-OH) in Primary

Since taking over as Speaker of the House last year, Rep. John Boehner has done more to fall out of grace with conservative Republicans than he has to win their confidence.  The Tea Party has wanted to find someone to run against Boehner in the Republican primary largely because they feel he has not kept his campaign promises to cut federal spending enough.

When running in the last election, Boehner promised constituents that he would cut at least $100 billion from the federal budget.  The negotiated deal with the Democrats fell way short of that amount and the Tea Party wants to hold Boehner accountable for his failed actions.

Perhaps they have found someone to challenge Boehner for his seat in the US House of Representatives in next year’s primary election.

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David Lewis, a 26 year old Tea Party activist has announced his intention to run against Boehner.  However, some in the Tea Party are not sure if Lewis has much of a chance to defeat the incumbent because the bulk of his campaign seems to be focusing on Boehner voting for a federal budget that included funding for Planned Parenthood.

Lewis said that he plans to start running graphic anti-abortion ads on his website today.

The local GOP leadership in Boehner’s district believes that Lewis’s anti-abortion efforts are being pointed in the wrong direction.  They also referred to Boehner as a ‘committed soldier in the battle.’

Frankly, I would not want soldiers that have the same ‘commitment’ as Boehner has demonstrated.  He tried to lead the House GOP in the debt crisis earlier this summer, but it was the green recruits of the House that seemed to wield the power, not their leader.

Many of the rookie House Republicans grouped together and refused to budge on their campaign promises while seasoned veterans played politics and waffled back and forth and finally compromised to settle the battle.

I can only hope that the local Tea Party leaders get behind Lewis and help him expand his focus and send a message to Republicans not just in Ohio, but across the nation that the people want leaders with backbone that will stand on their promises and if they don’t, they’re time in public office is over.

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