Tea Party, Conservatives Triumph in Wisconsin Smackdown

Remember the union protests in Wisconsin, when Gov. Scott Walker was pushing to get rid of collective bargaining in the public sector?

Remember the screaming hordes of union members bused in from across the nation to show their power and threaten Walker and anyone else who dared to stand up to their thuggish, economy-destroying ways?

Remember the threats and angry hysterics by the Left over the fact that anyone would dare to challenge their precious unions’ absolute power?

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Remember the recall that was going to toss out the Republican governor on his rear because he actually stood up for the well-being of his state above the public trough privileges of the unions?

Well, look who’s laughing now.

Not only did Walker survive the recall vote Tuesday night, but he was the first governor in history to withstand a recall vote.

And, he did it by a wider margin than he had when he originally won election to the office.

Best part, though: Walker gave his victory speech from behind a podium decorated with a big “Moving Wisconsin FORWARD” sign, tweaking President Obama’s campaign slogan, “Forward.”

In fact, the Wisconsin vote was seen by a lot of people as an important predictor of the coming presidential election. By gauging the mood in Wisconsin, some pundits think they can gauge the mood in the country.

That presupposes that the mood of voters ticked off at the Left’s abuses of the public system is reflected in a ticked-off national voter populace.

It could be a valid assumption.

Obama, for one, seemed to feel ahead of time that the Wisconsin recall was a lost cause, eschewing an actual supportive campaign appearance with the Democratic nominee in favor of a really nice note on Twitter.

How’s that for a ringing endorsement?

I wonder if Obama will bother to Tweet himself on his Election Night.

Reuters reported scenes from liberal campaign gatherings that devolved from party scenes throughout the day to angry recriminations when the TV networks began calling the vote for Walker. Reuters described bitter union gatherings where Democrats repeatedly cursed at the TV screens.

At the time of this writing, CBS had the vote spread at 54-46 percent.

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