Teacher Brainwashing Students To Give Up Constitutional Rights

Aaron Harvey of Duval County, Florida, served in the US military to protect his family, nation and the US Constitution.  He values the founding document of our nation and the rights that document gives him and every other citizen.

Then a couple weeks ago, Harvey found a piece paper at his home that had his 10 year old son’s writing on it.  When he read the crayon penned text, Harvey was shocked and angry.  His son had written:

“I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”

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Harvey questioned his son about the paper and what he had written.  His son told him that his teacher from the previous year had instructed him to write those words on the paper as part of a lesson on the US Constitution at Cedar Hills Elementary School.  He then contacted the school and obtained a copy of the lesson plan that was used in the class.

From what he has discovered and been told, the class was studying the US Constitution.  The school brought in a constitutional attorney to speak to the students.  Afterwards, the teacher selected several students and had them write the statement that Harvey’s son had written on the piece of paper.

The Duval County School District told Harvey that his son was not instructed to write the statement that he wrote it of his own free will.  But when he questioned his son, it became evident that the young lad has no comprehension of what he wrote or what it really meant.

When the local news contacted the school district, they were told that they are investigating the facts surrounding the assignment and that:

“our possible concern rests with a follow-up activity that may have been conducted after the lesson.”

Harvey said that there is a meeting planned this week with the school district officials at which he hopes to learn more about what happened.  He says that he is not seeking any form of punishment against the teacher but hopes to prevent similar lessons being taught in the future.

I’m not as kind as Aaron Harvey as I would have insisted on some sort of punishment for a teacher who is deliberately trying to brainwash kids with her liberal anti-American philosophies.  Sadly, that is not the only teacher in the public school systems across America doing the very same thing, filling students’ young brains with liberal progressive anti-American ideologies.  This is another reason why I advocate homeschooling or private schooling over public schooling.

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