Teacher Bullies Child for Mentioning Bible

You may recall the California teacher who confiscated a student’s candy canes meant as Christmas gifts for classmates because the attached tags mentioned Jesus, tore off the tags and told the boy, “Jesus is not allowed in school.”

Now comes a report of another out-of-control, atheistic autocrat disguised as a teacher.

On December 19 in Temecula, California, Helen Hunt-Jackson Elementary first-grader Brynn Williams was prevented by her teacher from sharing with her class an ornament of the Star of Bethlehem.

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Brynn’s class was given “share bags” with an assignment to bring from home something that represented a family Christmas tradition.

Brynn brought a Star of Bethlehem ornament that tops her family’s Christmas tree. When it was her turn to give a 1-minute presentation, Brynn began by explaining the meaning of the star.

According to her family’s lawyers, Brynn said, “Our Christmas tradition is to put a star on top of our tree. The star is named the Star of Bethlehem. The three kings followed the star to find baby Jesus, the Savior of the world. John … ”

At that point, the lawyers say, the teacher screamed, “Stop right there! Go take your seat!”

The teacher then reportedly told the rest of the class that Brynn was not allowed to share any verses or discuss the Bible in any way. Brynn was the only child prevented from finishing her presentation.

The principal met with Brynn and her mother and reportedly told them that the state’s education code supports the teacher.

According to Advocates for Faith and Freedom, which is legally representing Brynn, “The principal explained that the school district has strict rules about sharing beliefs publicly because there have been lawsuits. The principal had apparently spoken to the teacher and said that the teacher had to stop Brynn because ‘we don’t want to offend other students.'”

This isn’t the first such incident of religious discrimination by teachers in the Temecula Valley Unified School District, according to Advocates for Faith and Freedom.

General counsel Robert Tyler sent the district a letter in October requesting that teachers receive training in religious freedom and tolerance, following an incident at Marguerita Middle School in which students were assigned to select and read a piece of nonfiction literature. One student elected to read a selection from the Bible, but the teacher publicly ridiculed the Bible as fiction and disallowed the student’s choice.

Tyler said there was also a 2007 incident in the district where another teacher ridiculed Christian students.

In a letter to the superintendent, Tyler demanded that the district adopt a policy prohibiting teachers from mocking or publicly disapproving of a student’s faith. He also demanded that the district acknowledge students’ rights to express their religious views on campus without fear of teacher disapproval or reprisal.

The teacher’s outburst hurt Brynn deeply, according to AFF: “In the eyes of a first-grader, the censorship resulted in a message of governmental disapproval and created a hostile environment, especially since it felt like she was being reprimanded in front of the entire class for sharing her family tradition and beliefs.”

This sort of thing in schools is a symptom of the long, slow push by some atheist activist groups and other liberals to remove Christianity from public view and establish atheism as the officially sanctioned religion of the United States.

Groups such as the Freedom From Religion Foundation have spent years suing over the most trivial public expressions of Christianity, and their long quest is bearing fruit in places like the education system, where knee-jerk fears about lawsuits have begun to replace common sense and create an intolerant, anti-Christian environment.

Under the rallying cry of “separation of church and state,” atheists are working to create a situation where hate against Christians is sanctioned and “tolerance” is only for those who go along with the agenda.

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