Teacher Rewards Students then Threatened with Fines for Violating Michelle Obama’s School Snack Rule

Teachers have long sought ways to encourage their students and help them learn.

My high school biology teacher, Mrs. Shipley, used to reward the entire class for performing well on tests. If everyone in the class got a C or higher on her tests, she would hold ‘Fight Friday’ which consisted of watching a scorpion and black widow or scorpion and tarantula fight to the death. Between the scorpion and black widow, it was a 50/50 on who won. Between the scorpion and tarantula, the tarantula won 3 out of 4 times.

My fifth grade teacher, Mr. Murrin, used to offer candy to students for various achievements. He kept a bowl of various wrapped candy on his desk. Making an A on a test, answering questions correctly out loud, reading out loud without any mistakes, etc., would be rewarded with a piece of candy.

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At the time, no one saw any harm in Mr. Murrin rewarding us with a piece of candy, but food czar Michelle Obama believes this is a grave crime that should be punished. At her insistence, federal school snack rules were established according to what Michelle Obama considered to be healthy or not. The rules actually placed fines for any violations of her self-righteous guidelines.

Evidently, a school teacher in Williamson, West Virginia wasn’t aware of Czarina Obama’s school snack rules. The teacher, whose name has not been made public, was reported for rewarding her students with pieces of wrapped candy for hard work and good behavior, just like my fifth grade teacher did.

Since the Mingo County School District participates in the National School Lunch Program, instituted by her Royal Nutritionist, it means that the schools have to adhere to the federal rules of lunches and snacks. Among the rules is one that states that foods like wrapped candy cannot be used as a reward nor can it be withheld as a punishment.

The policy does not forbid wrapped candy, just the use of it as a reward or punishment. Kind of reminds me of Obama’s adherence of sharing or the redistribution of wealth, where everyone should be given the same amount, that is except sharing his wealth.

Any school found violating the federal school food dictates could be forced to return federal school lunch money and be penalized by state and federal food service programs. Penalties against any school could also be enforced on every school in the district.

Someone reported what the Williamson teacher was doing to the school district. Kay Maynard, Director of Child Nutrition for the Mingo County Schools, reported the serious violation to the West Virginia Department of Education. She also contacted Shannon Blackburn, the principal at the teacher’s school and told him that the teacher may be facing a fine for violating Obama’s dictatorial food policy.

When the news leaked out to the community, many students and parents began collecting pennies to help pay whatever fine the teacher was going to receive. However, school district officials determined that the teacher did not intentionally violate the school snack dictates so no fine will be issued. They did require that the school district ‘develop a corrective action plan to include training on child nutrition policies.’

I don’t object to trying to make school lunches and snacks healthier, but just like the zero tolerance rules in many schools, the program lacks all common sense. Chances are offering young kids a carrot or stalk of celery for hard work and good grades just isn’t going to motivate very many of them. What’s wrong with using something like a piece of wrapped candy, with parental permission, to reward a student if it actually helps them to learn?

Just like I believe that Obamacare is not about healthcare, I also believe the school lunch program is not about healthy food. It’s all about the Obama’s desire to rule like dictators and force the public to submit to their every whim. They want the public to learn to comply with their dictates without any question or resistance. The more the public gets used to complying, the easier it is to have them submit to a socialistic dictatorship.

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