Teachers’ Union Helping to Push LGBT Lessons to Kindergartners

Nearly one hundred years ago, John Dewey stated that the best way to take over a nation was for the people to turn their children over to public education system eight hours a day five days a week for twelve years. In that time, the schools could conform the children into the obedient citizens they want them to be.

We’ve seen the results of the socialist brainwashing machine known as the public education system. God, the Bible, Jesus and all forms of Christianity have been removed from the once hallowed halls of education. With them went most forms of morality, virtue and respect.

They have been replaced with atheism, socialism and hedonism. Instead of learning to honor and obey God, generations of Americans are being taught to think only of themselves and the government. They prefer that we kneel before the White House instead of in churches, many of which are being closed and turned into pubs and restaurants.

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Students were once taught to respect marriage and parents. Marriage was one man and one woman as God had ordained at the creation of man. Sex was reserved for the marriage bed only and anything else was a sin in God’s eyes.

All of that has been replaced with students being taught that marriage means nothing and it doesn’t need to be one man and one woman. They’re also being taught that sex is not just for marriage but something okay to do as long as they use protection against disease. If a pregnancy happens, no problem; after all, the kids are taught that it’s not a human but just a lump of tissue that can be easily removed with a pill or an abortion.

Students are also being taught that homosexuality is okay and they are even being encouraged to experiment with it. I’ve seen library books teaching the acceptance of homosexuality to students as young as second grade, but the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is pushing to lower that target down to kindergarten.

The National Education Association (NEA) is one of the most liberal, socialist and powerful unions in America. They are currently hosting the Read Across America initiative and guess who is taking a key role in the initiative? Yep! The GLSEN is an active participant with the goal of pushing their theme of acceptance of the LGBT perverted lifestyle and they want to reach all grade levels, even down to kindergarteners.

According to GLSEN, Read Across America is:

“An annual reading motivation and awareness program that calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading on the birthday of Dr. Seuss.”

Victor Skinner with EAGNews explains:

But it’s not the “The Cat in the Hat,” or “Green Eggs and Ham” that GLSEN is suggesting for its advocate educators. Instead, it offers six titles that promote LGBT lifestyles and are designed to teach students about bullying, bias, “family diversity,” and “gender roles/gender diversity,” according to the guide.

“Each March, NEA’s Read Across America provides the perfect opportunity to include LGBT-relevant, developmentally appropriate literature in lessons,” the GLSEN website reads.

For instance, Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell’s “And Tango Makes Three” for kindergarten through second grade students revolves around the life of a gay penguin couple who take in an abandoned egg, and raise their new daughter in a loving household.

“This book is designed to help students realize that there are different family structures including families led by LGBT parents,” the guide reads. “This is the true story of Roy and Silo, two male penguins who share a nest like other penguin couples, and who are given an egg in need of nurturing.”

There’s also “Antonio’s Card” by Rigoberto Gonzalez about a boy named Antonio who must deal with his classmates who tease him about his lesbian mother’s lover Leslie.

The story, suggested by GLSEN for third through fifth grade students, “resonates with all children who have been faced with speaking up for themselves or for the people they love,” the GLSEN reading guide said.

Other suggested titles include “Oliver Button is a Sissy,” and “It’s Okay to Be Different.”

A suggested “Oliver Button is a Sissy” book talk “is designed to help students identify gender expression-based bullying” by prompting them to “explore their own and others’ developing concepts about gender appearance and behaviors,” according to the guide.

For that lesson, aimed at students in kindergarten through second grade, the guide recommends the teacher ask students a series of questions about “gender roles and expectations” before reading the book out loud:

“When baby boys are born, what color do they often wear in the hospital or in the clothes they first wear?”

“What other colors are boys told to or expected to wear?”

“Are there other things besides colors that you think only boys are supposed to like or only girls are supposed to like?”

GLSEN believes that not nearly enough students are exposed to LGBT school content. The National Education Association’s Read Across America event is the perfect opportunity to change that by injecting LBGT issues into classrooms across the country, according to the organization’s website.

If this is what you want your children and grandchildren exposed to and taught, then keep blindly sending them to your local public school. Just don’t be surprised if they start looking at members of the same sex differently than you ever have.

However, if you find this scary, dangerous and repulsive, then do something to protect your children and grandchildren. Get them out of public school if at all possible. If that’s not possible, then get involved with their education. Visit their school. Talk to their teachers. Visit the school library and look at the reading material. Review their homework on a daily basis.

More importantly, talk to your kids in a loving manner, not as a frightened parent. Pray with them and spend time in God’s Word and teach them what the Bible says about such sinful perversions like adultery, fornication and homosexuality. And love them as you’ve never loved them before. Cherish and protect them as the special gifts from God they are. Their future as well as the future of our nation depends on what you do with this information.

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