Ted Cruz Challenges Constitutionality of Spending Bill

Where Speaker John Boehner and many House Republicans collaborated with President Obama to write and pass the $1.1 trillion “Cromnibus” spending bill, Sen. Ted Cruz has kicked off a process that may force the Senate to vote on whether to defund the president’s executive amnesty plan.

On Friday, Cruz challenged the constitutionality of the Cromnibus bill because it allows Obama to implement his executive amnesty:

“The president has justified this illegal amnesty by saying he told Congress what he wanted, and Congress refused to give it to him. Well, Mr. President, the relationship in our constitutional republic between the president and the Congress is not the relationship between a parent and a child.

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“The president does not get to demand of Congress, ‘here is the policy I want; either give me what I want, or I will decree it to be so and ignore the law.’ That is the president’s bargaining position.”

So Cruz raised a point of order on the bill, saying that it violates the Constitution’s language on a) the Separation of Powers, b) the enumeration of congressional powers and c) the president faithfully executing the laws.

If Harry Reid follows the rules of the Senate, he will have to rule on the validity of Cruz’s objections.

If Reid overrules Cruz’s points, as he almost certainly will try to do, that will allow Cruz to appeal and put the issues before the entire Senate.

As corrupt as the Democrats and RINOs are, even they should have a hard time explaining to the country how the president can go outside the powers outlined in the Constitution and his actions still be legal.

Cruz’s aide said the senator’s ultimate plan is to have the amnesty declared unconstitutional and therefore invalid.

After the betrayal of Boehner, who is working with Obama and Nancy Pelosi because he wants to eliminate the Tea Party as a threat to his own power, it’s heartening to see Cruz and a few other senators stand up to oppose the naked power play by the very liberals whom voters just refuted in the last election.

At the same time, it’s discouraging that so few of our elected officials are standing up for what’s right.

In this supposedly lame duck session of Congress, there are a lot of elected officials who are showing why they were just voted out of office.

Let’s hope Cruz and the faithful few can hold the fort until the newly elected reinforcements can arrive after the new year.

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