Ted Cruz: Jeb Bush Stands by His Principle but They’re the Wrong Principles

Our friend Javier Manjarres runs the premier website handling all of Florida’s most important political content. We met up with him at the RedState Gathering this past week and learned about his upcoming interview with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). Since then we’ve been waiting on pins and needles to let you hear about it too.

In this segment of the interview Cruz argues that Jeb Bush is consistently standing by his principles… but they’re the wrong principles.

“I give credit to Jeb Bush. He’s standing by his principles. He is standing by embracing amnesty. He is standing by Common Core. I disagree with him passionately on both of those issues, but I credit him for candor.” — Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Cruz also made a very good argument for why he should be elected President come 2016 when he argues that he would neuter the Department of Education and end Common Core!

We should abolish every word of Common Core. If I am elected president, the very first week I am in office, the federal mandates that are driving Common Core will end. The federal Department of Education will stop using race to the top funds to force states to adopt Common Core standards… I think education is far too important for it to be governed by unelected bureaucrats in Washington. It should be at the state level and even better at the local level where parents have direct control over the education of their children…

I am a passionate advocate for school choice. I think school choice is the civil rights issue of the 21st century and as President I intend to champion the right of every child, regardless of race, regardless of ethnicity, regardless of wealth or zip code, the right of every child to have access to a quality education free of federal government strings or interference to achieve the American dream.

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