Ted Cruz Mocks Obama’s State of the Union, Says the President is in a “State of Denial”!

In the aftermath of what some pundits are calling “the worst speech of the Obama era” (which is saying a lot, because Obama has delivered some terrible speeches), presidential candidate Ted Cruz appeared on Fox News and viciously mocked Obama’s last State of the Union speech.

It was vintage Cruz.

This was not so much a State of the Union, than it was a state of denial. He refused to acknowledge the very real challenges facing this country with Iran.

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He didn’t say a word about two ships now in Iranian custody, about ten sailors, we hope not held as hostages, our prayers tonight are with them and their families. But the fact that Ayatollah Khamenei feels that he can seize our ships and our sailors is an indicator of incredible weakness with the Obama-Clinton foreign policy.

Bullies around the world are not afraid of this president…

On Fox News with Megyn Kelly, analyst Charles Krauthammer concurred with Cruz’s assessment about President Obama’s silly SOTU speech, also touching on the idea that President Obama must be in a state of denial because his commentary is completely devoid of any basis in fact.

The foreign policy section was completely disconnected from reality. He actually spoke of Syria as some kind of a success –that we were working to put together this country, where Obama, arguably, was incredibly responsible for the collapse of the country, 250,000 deaths, and the refugee crisis, acting against the advice of all his advisors, so he’s talking about a world that really doesn’t exist...

As he was speaking, the United States was, at best, being thumbed at by the Iranians, at worst, treated with contempt, the same way they have treated him since he signed the Iran deal.

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