Ted Cruz Reminds America: Rubio, Walker and Bush All Supported Amnesty

“When it comes to immigration; legal good, illegal bad.” — Senator Ted Cruz

Our friend Javier Manjarres runs the premier website handling all of Florida’s most important political content. We met up with him at the RedState Gathering this past week and learned about his upcoming interview with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). Since then we’ve been waiting on pins and needles to let you hear about it too.

In this segment of the interview Cruz says that there should be “NO PATH” to citizenship for illegal immigrants. He also reminded America that his friend Marco Rubio supported Chuck Schumer’s amnesty plan and Rubio was praised for that support by Jeb Bush, Scott Walker AND President Obama.

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What was striking in Cleveland was a majority of candidates on that stage have advocated amnesty, not just advocated, advocated it for years. Many of them vocally, vigorous, publicly, As you mentioned, your and my friend Marco Rubio joined with Chuck Schumer, authoring the Chuck Schumer amnesty plan. In doing so, he was enthusiastically supported by Jeb Bush. In doing so he was enthusiastically supported by Scott Walker and President Obama.

He also reminded the GOP what happened last time we nominated a candidate who was on the wrong side of the most important issue in the election (Mitt Romney and Obamacare) and it wasn’t good…

 If we nominate a candidate, who has been a vigorous, vocal, aggressive advocate of amnesty, then the Republican candidate won’t stand up and challenge Hillary Clinton on amnesty, certainly won’t do so affectively, because anyone who tries to do so, the response will be, ” gosh,  just a couple of years ago before you were running for president, you agreed with me we should grant amnesty.”

The most important thing to take away from this:

“When it comes to immigration; legal good, illegal bad.”

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