Ted Cruz says Not All Republicans Support Religious Liberty

In a short but important piece for the National Review, Joel Gehrke brings us some remarks made by Senator Ted Cruz while at the South Carolina Freedom Summit this past Saturday in Greenville, South Carolina.

Senator Cruz was speaking about religious liberty when he brought up the fact that some of his fellow GOP candidates were not at all interested in defending religious liberty. In particular, they didn’t stand with Indiana and their Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

“Indiana was a sorting moment, as Reagan would say, a time for choosing,” Cruz said at the South Carolina Freedom Summit on Saturday. “There are candidates running in 2016, even candidates in the Republican field, who when Indiana was being battled, they were nowhere to be found. I can tell you this, when it comes to standing for the religious liberty of Americans, I will always, always, always stand with the First Amendment.”

“I do think it’s perfectly legitimate to focus on records,” he said. “I’m a big believer in Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment, ’thou shalt not speak ill’ of another Republican. Now, to be clear, Reagan did not say ‘thou shalt not have policy differences with another Republican.’ Remember, Reagan primaries Gerald Ford — a sitting Republican president — in ’76 and almost beat him.”

While Senator Cruz chose not to “name names,” it’s not hard for us to think back upon who he might be speaking of. One of South Carolina’s own Republican Senators recently seemed to surrender the battle for traditional marriage. In a recent interview, Lindsey Graham said that he believed ‘normalizing gay marriage was inevitable.’

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Jeb Bush also did a little dance when it came to Indiana’s RFRA, first supporting then distancing himself from Governor Mike Pence (R-IN) on the issue. Bush’s flip-flop happened at hyper-speed, only taking two days to fully flip! New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) chose to defend Mike Pence, but not the RFRA, saying that the law had problems which needed ‘fixing’.

You know this by now, don’t you?

The Republican Party has conservatives, willing to stand and fight for the most important issues of our day, things like religious liberty, freedom of speech, and the right to not be spied on by the NSA. And then the Republican Party has moderate establishment types who are willing to bend on these things to become more influential and powerful.

Certain GOP politicians will spend more money and raise more taxes, they’ll choose not to defend our religious liberties, and they’ll choose to let our freedom of speech be infringed… and they’ll do it all because they think it will help the GOP win.

My question is this… why would the GOP want to “win” an America that looked like that?

The goal shouldn’t be to win the next election. The goal should be to change minds and influence the future. We should be selling our ideas and propagating our philosophies.

The GOP establishment is filled with whores ready to sellout our deepest held beliefs, all for the hope of winning a few more votes. Don’t support them.

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