Ted Cruz Talks of Abolishing the IRS and Not Appeasing Iran on MSNBC

The valiant and courageous (you’ll see what I mean in a second) Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) made his way into enemy territory and spent about 20 minutes on MSNBC Tuesday morning discussing a wide range of political issues.

Cruz covered a lot of ground today with the Morning Joe crew, but first let’s hit what he said about the letter 47 GOP Senators recently sent to Iran. This letter has been a major issue with host Mika Brzezinski, and she’s been haranguing any GOP politician she can for the better part of the last week about it. On Tuesday she went straight after Senator Cruz on the matter, and to his credit he didn’t buckle… in fact he may have given her a response that she was actually satisfied with.


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One of the points Mika has been making was that she believed that the GOP letter was meant to hurt the Obama administration’s attempts to negotiate with Iran. Cruz finally sets her mind at ease and says “YES,” that is exactly one of the things we meant to do… but it’s not a bad thing! Cruz explained that the GOP Senators thought the deal was bad for us and for Israel, and that it would make our world a more dangerous place… so yes, the letter was meant to play a role in stopping the deal from happening.

Why it took so long for a Republican to say this to Mika? I have no idea.

For the rest of their interview Cruz discussed a range of issues, but the most inflammatory among them may end up being Cruz’s call for a flat tax and abolishing of the IRS.



Likely, for liberals, the most shocking thing about his interview was to hear him say that he’d be willing to compromise. Most liberals in the media consistently paint Senator Cruz as a hardliner who won’t compromise. Cruz says that’s far from the truth.

In a perfect world Senator Cruz would like to see a low flat tax that would allow for severe tax reform including, but not limited to, abolishing the IRS. Cruz also rightly pointed out, then clearly explained, that the best way to improve America’s economic situation is to cut taxes and to cut regulations. All in all, not a bad day’s work for the Senator from Texas.

Here’s the entire interview from Tuesday’s Morning Joe on MSNBC.


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