Ted Cruz v. Jeb Bush: Game On!

Exploratory committee my a**. Jeb is in, and aren’t we just better for it. I was wondering when a reasonable candidate was going to jump in, and although it does happen, it’s pretty rare that a candidate commissions an exploratory committee and doesn’t get in the race.

As I see it today, there will be one real conservative, Ted Cruz, a few semi- to faux-conservatives such as Rand Paul, Scott Walker, and Marco Rubio, and a slew of big government progressives: Jeb, Chris Christie, John Kasich, and probably many others.

I can’t even really call them Republicans, for if I did, where would that leave me? Partyless is where, for there is no chance of me voting for any of those clowns, and I guarantee I’m not alone.

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The way I see it, many others and I have one candidate we can wholeheartedly support, and that’s Ted Cruz. So far, he’s the only man who I know won’t compromise with the dirty dealers in Washington. He won’t sell out his principles for the good of the stinking party, and that’s exactly what this country must have.

Yet George Will, a man I once respected, sees it differently. Elliott Jager wrote on NewsMax that Will said on Fox News that Ted Cruz’s Senate career has thus far been peculiar.

Jager wrote that “Will’s critique of the junior senator from Texas and tea party conservative is that Cruz is not a Republican team player and makes no effort to face political realities. He is completely indifferent to the fact that politics is a team sport.”

Yes, George, that’s what he has to do, be a team player. He has to sell out his values and beliefs. He has to lie and cheat like the other members of the House and Senate do. He has to abandon the Constitution for the good of the all mighty and sacrosanct Republican Party.

Will said, “He is frankly loathed within the Republican caucus.” Well good, and if Cruz is half the man we think he is, he wears that as a badge of honor.

Jager quoted other double-tongued progressives also bashing Cruz. “You should have an end goal in sight if you’re going to do these types of things, and I don’t see an end goal other than your irritating a lot of people,” said Orin Hatch in regards to Cruz’s tactics on the just passed budget bill.

Sure, we should listen to that dirt bag Orrin Hatch who spent the last few years trying to sink the career of his own junior senator Mike Lee for being too conservative. And you want an end goal? Maybe he’s just trying to keep the promise you cowards welched on to fight Obama rather than surrender to him, you weasel.

And as for Flake’s comment that no “conservative ends” were met; it’s because you guys lied to us when you promised to fight. You too are a weasel.

The fact is that none of the “Republicans” give a darn about saving America, including George Will. Will has been insulated for so long, existing only within the make-believe bubble of Washington, DC, that he can’t see the anger of millions of conservatives who are fed up with the system. Republican or Democrat, there’s not much of a difference anymore, and this last budget bill, the CROmnibus, proves it.

We don’t care if the “Republican caucus” loathes him. Frankly, it’s encouraging.

Ted Cruz is shaping up to be the Ronald Reagan of this era and is most likely the only “Republican” who can win in 2016.

I can comfortably predict two years in advance that if Jeb Bush is the nominee he will lose and by a wider margin than Romney did in 2012.

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